Taking Buzzfeed’s “How Much of a Feminist Are You?” Quiz

  1. Take Buzzfeed quiz about social issues Buzzfeed’s format is far too simplified to do well even if the base ideas behind said quiz made sense, which they typically do not.
  2. Rake in the clickbait views garnered by responding to Buzzfeed-brand low hanging fruit.
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Let’s do this! You can take it here, folks! I’d also like to point out that the original name for this quiz, according to the URL, is “How Much of an Asshole Are You?” I know they were trying to say that not checking off enough feminist boxes here makes you a bad person, but I like to take the opposite view and think that Buzzfeed is finally admitting that being overly concerned with feminist theory makes you a pretentious douche.

* * *

1.) I would be willing to give up some of my salary if I had to, so that equal pay in my workplace could be a reality.

That’s not how salaries work, so no, I would not be willing to do that. Salaries are determined by the bottom line made by the company you work for, with potential for bonuses at the end of the work year if there is surplus. Bob in accounting does not get $1000 added to his salary by his boss taking that money away from Tom in finance. That is not how it works. And if that was how it worked, that would make salaried wages even more unfair than they already are in many cases.

I know you’re talking about the wage gap here, and this also isn’t how the wage gap works. Salaries are either set outright, in which case there is no gender discrepancy, or they are negotiable upon hiring. Women, on average, tend to sacrifice a higher salary for more flexible work time. I don’t know what feminists want done about this. I suppose you could do what Reddit did and ban any and all salary negotiations because men were taking advantage of it and women weren’t, and that’s not fair *sad face.*

But let’s actually look at this: Women sacrifice a higher salary for other perks. Okay. Is that a bad thing? Why is getting the most money in the end of the year a sign of who got the better deal? Isn’t putting an over-emphasis on earnings a toxic byproduct of our materialistic, capitalist society? Are women making the objectively wrong choice by caring less about money? I suppose you can talk about cultural factors behind why women don’t barter for higher salaries because that is something that you have deemed to be a negative, but at what point does that turn into infantalizing condescension where you know their real reasons for why a higher salary isn’t at the top of their list of priorities? Even giving you all of that, I still don’t know what you want done seeing as how this is a “problem” caused specifically by women’s actions and it is in the hands of women to do something about it, something that does not fit within the current third-wave feminist model of making the world change to suit us better.

And all of that is working under the pretense that that is how salaries work, which it isn’t. Jill asking for a raise at the end of the year doesn’t entail that Bob’s salary will be cut. And if it did, that raise probably wouldn’t work out because cutting someone else’s salary because someone waited a few years to decide they wanted more money instead of saying that in the very beginning isn’t fair to that first person. So no, Buzzfeed.

2.) I believe that men and women should be equal.

Yes. This is very manipulative, though. This is (supposedly) a core idea of feminism, but having a generalized idea as part of a movement’s foundation doesn’t mean that the movement now owns that generalized idea. This would be like me saying, “Do you not like physical violence? Great. That means you’re a Buddhist. Welcome to Buddhism, person who obviously holds all these others beliefs associated with Buddhism because you agree with one of them!”

3.) I can’t help but be bothered when a song includes misogynistic lyrics, even when I otherwise like the song.

I don’t know. Sometimes? The You remind me of my Jeep. I wanna ride it.song is almost hilariously skeevy seeing as how I make the “rappers/bros can’t tell women and cars apart” joke as a fucking joke that was supposed to be an exaggeration. And that one Lil’ Wayne song about how he only likes bitches when they act as blowjob machines and don’t try to associate with him in any way afterwards because he doesn’t talk to hoes is pretty bad (and also musically awful, so there’s no reason to listen to it). That being said, it has to be very egregious for me to care about something like this and be actively bothered by it, and that is hardly the case. Seeing as how Buzzfeed’s idea of “misogynistic lyrics” would probably include every song on the face of the planet that mentioned a woman in a sexual context, I’m going to say no.

4.) I know who Bell Hooks is.

I do. She be cray.

5.) I can define intersectional feminism.

Intersectional feminists can’t provide a concrete and consistent definition on “intersectional feminism,” how do you expect me to? I’m going to say yes because I have a general idea of it: multiple elements of a women’s identity (sexuality, race, etc.) that also contribute to their hardships and privileges and how they affect and interact with the “reality of womanhood.”

6.) I don’t use the phrase “hey guys” when referring to a group of people that includes men and women.

I do. Is this really a feminist issue? Isn’t living in the first world amazing, guys?

7.) I have taken a women’s and/or gender studies class.

I have. It was interesting.

8.) I think it’s important to encourage girls to pursue science and math as a career.

I think it’s important to encourage girls to pursue the careers they want (I know, it’s a novel concept), and if that is science or math, more power to them. So . . . no, I guess.

9.) Women should be allowed to apply for a job if they fulfill 60% of the job requirements.

Um . . . isn’t the whole point of “requirements” that they are required? If you only needed most of them they wouldn’t be requirements, they’d be suggestions.  So no, no one should be applying for jobs that they patently aren’t qualified enough for, gender being a non-issue.

10.) I think we should change women’s bathroom symbols to not include traditionally “feminine” clothing (skirts, dresses, etc).

Living in the first world is goddamn amazing. Have I said that already? I’m legitimately interested as to what their suggestions for an alternative are if you’re not allowed to use tertiary gender signifiers on the sign. The whole point is that they are easily distinguishable from each other and it is clear which one is which, and gender signifiers are how you do that. You can’t use colors, you can’t use unfamiliar symbols, you can’t use exclusively words. What would you do? “Oh, the women’s restroom has a sign with a stick person with a hole in its chest. That’s different!”  My answer is no, if that wasn’t immediately obvious.

11.) I believe trans people should be able to use whichever bathroom they identify with.

Why is this an argument people are still having? It was legal to use whatever bathroom you wanted anyway. The signs were just there for some simple organization. If you really have to go to the bathroom and you can’t make it the extra ten feet down the hallway to the men’s restroom, you aren’t going to be fucking arrested for using the women’s restroom. This was never an issue. Also, bathrooms for anyone to use are already a thing that exist, and the arguments on both sides of the aisle on this issue pretty much boil down to “men are rapists and I don’t want to be around them,” which is sexist garbage. This is such a non-problem that calling it a first world problem would be too generous. Yes. Do what you want. Why is this a conversation we are having?

12.) I believe it’s important to encourage women to negotiate.

Sure, why not?

13.) I believe Jennifer Lawrence should earn as much as her male costars.

Sorry to tell you, J-Law, but if you made as much as your male costars, you’d probably be getting ripped off. You’re worth more than them by now, honey. You are a big name star. If you think Josh Hutcherson got paid the same amount as you on The Hunger Games films, you are kidding yourself. So do you want to take a pay cut to match your earnings to his? That’s only fair, after all.

No, I don’t think this, because that’s not how paying actors works.

14.) I do not think a movie should be released unless it passes the Bechdel test.

The Bechdel test is incredibly flawed to the point where undeniably “feminist” movies wouldn’t even pass it. If you think it is in any way a good rubric for testing a film’s quality (on the feminist scale or otherwise), you are delusional. In the Company of Men is all about how misogyny is awful, and it doesn’t pass the test. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a series with a “strong female character” that is also all about how misogyny sucks would not pass this test. This test doesn’t fucking work, so no. Also, this is censorship. If you think this, you are a fascist.

15.) I believe both genders are entitled to the same social and political rights.


16.) I can explain why “78 cents to the dollar” is not a fully accurate description of the gender wage gap.

How does this make you more of a feminist? The only people I’ve heard criticisms of that idea from have been anti-feminists. The fact that you apparently know it’s more complicated than that would indicate that you are being willfully ignorant at this point. Just, what? Also, yes, I can explain it.

17.) I believe that women who possess certain types of privilege are responsible for advocating for women who don’t have their level of privilege.

No, they aren’t “responsible” for shit. If they want to be an activist in that regard, more power to them, but they are in no way obligated to do that. What is with social justice and its boner for making everyone feel like they need to bear the cross of every injustice that they see? This is mentally and emotionally unhealthy, people.

18.) If I had a daughter, I would encourage her to be anything she wanted to be.

Yep. Follow your dreams, honey. Unless you want to be an pilot. We both know your eyesight isn’t good enough for that.

19.) I would make it clear to my daughter from an early age that her identity should never be defined by her relationship status.

Good luck getting a teenage girl to actually take this to heart. I would try to get the idea across, though. It’s a pretty good idea to teach. Builds self-reliance and whatnot.

20.) I believe it’s important to compliment a woman’s intelligence over her looks.

What if she’s not intelligent? Then that would just be a lie. Compliment women on things about them that are worthy of complimenting. If it’s their looks, go right ahead. If it’s something else, go right ahead.

21.) I believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body.

Yep. Though I also think that the current abortion talk is incredibly one-sided and doesn’t address the father’s rights in any significant way. I may be on your side here, but your “my body, my choice” slogan is not good, in my opinion.

22.) In an instance of sexual assault against a female, I am inclined to believe the assaulted person is telling the truth until proven otherwise.

No. I’m inclined to remain impartial until more information is available because “listen and believe” is a bullshit idea that acts like inciting people to just assume that someone is a rapist without knowing more about the situation isn’t a bad idea when it clearly is.

23.) I can explain Marlene Dietrich’s influence on women’s fashion.

Who the fuck is this? Also, on an off note, you know when your movement is disjointed as fuck when someone on the outside can’t be sure if a feminist fashion icon made women’s fashion sluttier or more conservative.

24.) I know what a “Bad Feminist” is.

Yeah, it’s a shitty book written like a Live Journal blog that unintentionally paints feminism as a religion with sins and a process of thought purification.

25.) I believe that women should be able to dress however they want without it dictating how they are treated by society.

Sure. But what about types of clothing that were explicitly made to signal how a woman wants to be treated by society like a hijab or those clear heels that seem available exclusively to hookers? Can we treat them differently if they wear those?

26.) I have never said that a woman “asked for it.”


27.) I am offended by catcalling.

All aboard the first world train! It has modern amenities and situations of mild discomfort occasionally!

My answer is no. Some of the more overtly sexual catcalls actually would fall under harassment, but Buzzfeed’s version of catcalling includes guys saying perfectly normal things like “good morning” and “have a good day,” which is ridiculous.

28.) I don’t think women should get VIP treatment at nightclubs and bars, just for being women.

Yep, ladies’ night is stupid. Also a trick to make more money.

29.) I think police brutality and its correlation with race is a feminist issue.

What? Women are almost non-existent on the list of people unlawfully targeted and killed by the police. I don’t even know what you would be referring to here. What is the feminist issue? Are you referring to single parenthood in black communities that disproportionately affects young women and stunts their future prospects while simultaneously contributing to higher rates of crime and police violence? I don’t think you are since you’re apparently all for “nontraditional” family structures. I don’t even fucking agree with Black Lives Matter, but stop co-opting their issue, feminists. Not everything has to be about you.

30.) I think we should stop promoting models as the ideal female body type.

I do, actually. Models are paid to be attractive, and good for them. What is popular in the fashion world tends to wildly fluctuate, and far too much pressure is put on models to look a certain way, from both sides of the argument, because we’ve rather needlessly made them the gatekeepers of what should be seen as attractive when they’re ultimately just individuals who look nice. Did you hear about the plus-sized model who got harassed for losing weight? Our obsession with how models look and obsession with making them important to how we view ourselves is stupid, is what I’m saying.

31.) I think we should stop photoshopping women’s bodies in the media.

I’m fine with this. Photoshop artists need work too, man. As long as it’s made clear that it is indeed an edited picture, I don’t see the issue.

32.) I have never called a woman bossy.

I have, and feminism’s apparent goal of becoming the Language Police is creepy.

33.) I think companies should offer more child-friendly time and programs to women who are having children.

Sure. I don’t think they should be required to like many people are trying to enforce, but I think it is better if they do and have nothing against providing incentives for them to.

34.) I believe that a woman should be offered the same opportunities for promotion as her male co-workers.

Sure. Maybe not if she’s having a baby, though. Call me sexist all you want, but kids are hard to take care of and if you’re going to have an important company leadership position, that is typically something you have to make your number one priority. And unless you want to neglect your child, that is not something you should do. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed the promotion. All I’m saying is that, if they want to put themselves in the running for a promotion and wind up being promoted, they are in no position to then complain about how they don’t have enough time to spend with their kid afterwards.

35.) I believe that if a woman wants to pay on a date, her date should let her.


36.) I believe that women should have easy access to birth control.

Yes. This world is overcrowded, and poor women are having too many kids that they then cannot take care of. It’s bad for everyone and winds up costing far more private and government dollars in the end of the day than it would be to just give them a cheaper fucking prescription.

37.) I believe that in a relationship the domestic duties should be shared.

I don’t think they should be. If that is how your relationship works, great. But different kinds of relationships work for different couples, and it is up to those individual couples to decide what kind of balance they want. There is no should like this is a universal thing. My grandmother would die before she let my grandfather do the housework. That is just the mutual agreement they came to. In my relationship, it’s more of an equal split because that is the mutual agreement we came to.

38.) I think that a couple should have equal responsibility over the aesthetic and cleanliness of their home.

See above.

39.) I believe that men should be encouraged to be involved and make choices in the wedding planning process.

Sure? Is this a controversy? Do I just not know about it?

40.) I believe that men and women have the same emotional strength.

It depends. This is a really overgeneralized question, but sure, I guess.

41.) I do not think that it is the responsibility of a man to protect a woman physically.

It is not.

42.) I believe that men and women should be equally encouraged to express their emotions.

Sure, with the caveat that neither women nor men should wallow in their own feelings to the point of forgoing action, as “expressing emotions” tends to be generalized as.

43.) I have never asked a woman why she does not have children.

I think I have.

44.) I would be equally excited to have a son or a daughter.

I don’t want kids. If I have kids, I’d rather have a boy, though. No real reason, I just feel like I’d like that more.

45.) I think American workplace culture is often not structured in a way that is helpful or encouraging to women succeeding.

This isn’t fucking Asia, firstly. Also, I don’t think the American workplace culture is structured very well for anyone to succeed in it. America has a very workaholic nature, and my version of “success” includes not being a fucking mess who never relaxes and who prioritizes earnings over personal and social health, as is often what “success” is viewed as. This is also an insulting notion as it implies that women are only capable of succeeding in environments explicitly tailored to ensure that they do so. Women are not children, stop treating us like we need training wheels in order to get anything accomplished.

46.) I think women have a responsibility to help and encourage other women to pursue their goals.

Not really. I feel no kinship with you because we share similar biological characteristics. Try again.

47.) I think women are equally capable to men to be the President of the United States.

Yep. Equally capable at being a shitty option. Equality?

48.) I believe that women have no responsibility to make a conscious effort to always be friendly and polite.

I guess not. That’s the nice thing to do. It’s part of the social contract that everyone, men included, is implicitly asked to follow, but you don’t have to be a pleasant human being if your really don’t want to.

49.) I have never criticized a woman for not wearing makeup or wearing too much makeup.

Nah, I do this. If you look like shit, you look like shit. I can be a bitch sometimes. What of it?

50.) I believe a woman is a woman if that is what she calls herself, regardless of her physical attributes and makeup.

This is a weirdly worded sentence. Is this about trans people? You’re making it sound like people are rejecting claims of womanhood because a woman is more square-jawed than usual and doesn’t wear mascara. If you’re asking about transgender people, ask about transgender people. And, yes, I try to respect this. Though I do go to liberal arts college, and the number of actual trans people seems to be dwarfed by the number of people who are just reveling in the fact that they’re out of mom and dad’s house and can do what they want so they dye their hair green, wear ties with skirts, say they’re gender-fluid, and call it a day. My respect for trans people is tested by special snowflakes trying to discover themselves, is what I’m saying.
* * *
That’s all the questions, so let’s see how much of a feminist I am, shall we?

How Much Of A Feminist Are You?

You checked off 27 out of 50 on this list! You’re super in-tune with what’s going on in the world–especially when it comes to feminist issues. Keep doing you and stay woke.
Wooooo! Past the half-way point, bitches!
This quiz is stupid. Being “super in-tune with feminist issues” doesn’t make someone a feminist by default. They could just be someone who is aware of things. Where were all the questions that actually pertained to academic feminist theories that you essentially have to believe in if you give yourself the feminist label? That would have actually been far more accurate than asking about random notions and preferences that are apparently inherently feminist in nature, once again showing the movement’s tendency to co-opt basic concepts.
Where were questions like “Do you believe in patriarchy theory?” or “Do you believe in rape culture?” or “Do you believe in toxic masculinity?” These are specific things that pertain specifically to feminism. Me thinking that men should be allowed to express emotions does not mean that you can go ahead and check off the “believes in toxic masculinity” box, Buzzfeed. I do not. Your theories do not have utter dominion over entire concepts. You have to ask specific questions. Also, I’m not a feminist, and I did fairly well on this quiz. So, can you swallow your pride and write a post about how maybe, just maybe, people who aren’t feminists might not be awful woman-haters who disagree with you on everything and are stupid? No? Of course.
Who makes these, and why do they continue to have employment?

A Black Person Answers. . . 27 Questions Actually Directed at me for Once

Oh my God, Buzzfeed. This video is still mainly learned helplessness distilled into audio/visual format, but (kudos where kudos is due) I recall saying that I didn’t think you’d have the intellectual integrity to make a “black peoples’ questions for other black people” video, and you proved me wrong. You actually made it, and I am both legit surprised and happy about that. Thank you for actually being consistent.

So first I responded to black liberal mouth pieces talking down to white people. Then I replied to the nonstop white guilt on steroids that was the follow-up video. Now, Disorderly Politics goes where its never gone before by responding to a video actually addressed towards it!

Now let’s answer Buzzfeed’s 27 Questions Black People Have For Black People!

Why is it so hard to be on time? Why does five to ten always become twenty to thirty?

Is this a thing? Is it a stereotype? I’ve never heard of lateness as “a black thing.”

Also, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that benign racial stereotypes are going to be okay here even though they wouldn’t be if white people were involved, acknowledge the hypocritical nature of it, and just move on.

If my dab is on fleek, am I lit?

God, I feel so old. What?

Why is it a problem if I like anime?

Hey, a legit point! The answer is that black communities in America have essentially always relied on creating insular spaces away from other people and the influences of other people. Anime is, in that way, an alienating thing from outside the “black bubble.” And if that’s not the reason, it probably has something to do with anime being associated with geekiness, which is mistakenly seen as interchangeable with nerdiness, and nerdiness is “a white thing.” And being associated with a white thing is bad.

That being said, I like anime. I’m in Japan right now largely do to young me being enamored with anime. I’ve also talked about the borderline bullying I went through at the hands of other black kids for “being an Oreo,” bullying that I didn’t get from any other racial group. That all being said, the blerd community is pretty extensive and visible at this point. It’s not that hard to find us nowadays. And yes, the fact that we still have to call ourselves “blerds” because nerdiness is seen as so antithetical to blackness that being a black nerd needs its own qualifier is stupid. But I don’t think you could honesty treat this like a pervasive attitude anymore.

Why do black people look at your shoes before they greet you?

Is this a thing? I don’t do this.

Why are we more likely to engage in a new dance trend than we are to get involved in politics or open a business?

Yeah, now you choose to acknowledge that black people are part of mainstream, trend-following culture. That definitely wasn’t the case when you were bitching about white people following stupid trends like they were the only ones who did that.

Also, I think this traces back to the anti-intellectualism you find in the black community. Ever since the sixties (ie, post-segregation), insular black communities started putting “intellectual pursuits” below things like sports or musical prowess when it came to impressiveness. I don’t know if this applies to the business thing. I’d be willing to bet that most stores in black areas are owned by black people. I’m too lazy to research it, but the “black people don’t start their own businesses,” idea seems a bit farfetched to me.


How did watermelon become our thing? Everybody should love watermelon.

This is just a rehash of your fried chicken joke from the white people video! Write new jokes, Buzzfeed, God. Also, I’m allergic to watermelon, so I definitely don’t love it.

Why do you get upset when I don’t like a black celebrity? Race aside, some people are just terrible.

I agree that this is stupid and this is something black people do sometimes. But I’m gonna go ahead and pull the first of many bullshit cards here because this video is on Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed: the king of treating people who don’t like certain things or people as some kind of -ist. People didn’t like the pretentious chick who made Selma because they’re racist, don’t you know? Also, we need to support our black celebrities because institutionalized racism, and we need representation, and blahblahblaaaaah.

Why do we call each other the n-word but get vehemently upset when a white person  using the n-word? It drains my soul to hear the word, and I just don’t understand how people who have any understanding of history can use that word.

Another actual point, but once again I call bullshit. Also. Nigger. Nigger. Nigger. Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga (that’s a song lyric, by the way. Black artistry at it’s finest). The n-word? Are we fucking twelve? Oh no, I just said the f-word, somebody go call my parents.

I agree that it makes no sense to vehemently insist that the word “nigger” is inherently and objectively awful in every conceivable way.  . . If you’re white. If you’re black it’s totally fine and not bad to say at all. It’s stupid. It’s a fast way to ingrain the word into public consciousness as something awful even though, in the end of the day, it’s six letters and two syllables of a totally arbitrary language system, and the fact that “nigger” can be used as a term of endearment or just a placeholder just goes to show that acting like words have objective power and weight doesn’t make sense. I think the black people who get all up in arms over someone else using “our word,” context and intent be damned, are dumb. And the other races perpetuating that knee-jerk, irrational offense taking by reverting to children afraid to even say the actual word are doing nothing but making that word’s arbitrary power and sway over people worse.

All of that being said, though, screw you. People can say whatever the fuck they want. You don’t like the word “Nigger”? Fine. Don’t say it. But you have no authority to tell people what they should or should not be saying because you find it offensive. Those other black people clearly don’t find it offensive, in certain contexts at least. Why should they? Because you think it’s unforgivabley awful, and you’re black, and they’re black, so they have no choice but to agree with you, otherwise they’re idiots? Shared skin tone doesn’t mean shared opinion.

Also, fun fact for people who love to bring up history as an excuse to be brought down to your knees in pain by hearing a word: “Nigger” does not and never has been a slur for black people exclusively. It is a catch-all slur for anyone thought of as lesser by someone else. Yes, it’s most associated with the racism of American slavery and the years following. But that doesn’t negate the fact that, at the same time, Irish and Italian people were being called niggers too. Also anyone from Eastern Europe. Also South Asians. But it’s okay because the South Asians in turn used it to apply it to South East Asians. Also, African slave traders (who already had a wide array of slurs for lesser people before white people showed up) refered to their African slaves who they sold to Europeans as niggers. And, according to the racial slur database, anyone can be a nigger, a qualifier (like sand-nigger and the like) being totally optional as far as being an asshole who calls other people racial slurs goes. So yeah, history is a dick to everyone.

Why is my natural hair, the hair that grows out of my head, a political statement.

Bullshit card! Someone should start keeping count. Buzzfeed, you have absolutely no room to talk on this point. You have backed yourself into a corner with one phrase that I know you support: “the personal is the political.” I know you support this phrase because your website is one of the first to talk about the dreaded culural appropriation. This is an argument that constantly instists, I remind you, that hairstyles are political things, expressions of culture by default. This is why white people are “appropriating black culture” if they ever wear dreads or an Afro, according to you. Hair existing a certain way for a certain group of people is apparently an expression of a shared cultural trait.

So, long story short, random-pretty-haired black girl, you can complain about this if you don’t also complain about white people appropriating your culture by perming their hair. Those are two dissident beliefs that can’t be held at once without some major cognitive dissonance. Either hair is just hair, or it’s an expression of your blackness. I don’t know which one you think because I’ve never see  you before. But I sure as fuck know what Buzzfeed thinks on the matter, so I call bullshit.

Why do we think people with light skin look better than people with dark skin?

I know terms like “high yellow” and whatnot were used in the past to differentiate light skinned black people from “less-attractive”dark ones. I don’t really see this as a cultural thing at this point though. Some black people engage in this line of thinking, but is it pervasive? If anything, it seems to be a matter of extremes, from what I’ve seen. Being really light is pretty, and being really dark is pretty. And the rest is kind of up in the air. So, I think this is stupid, but I don’t know if “black people” are doing this to the extent you imply they do.

Do you really believe that black is beautiful, or is that just something you say because it sounds cool?

I don’t think black is beautiful, and I don’t say it because I don’t think it sounds cool. Individual black people can be beautiful, but most people aren’t “beautiful,” black or otherwise. I’m all for self-esteem, but this 20-something obsession with being beautiful is stupid, and it’s also kind of sad if you’re attaching your self worth onto your skin tone like that. If you’re going to insist that you’re a beautiful, worthwhile person just by default, the least you could do is attach that insistence onto something you actually had a say in cultivating. You can’t control your race.

Yeah, I get it. You say it to combat Western  beauty standards. I know. But you’re taking it a bit to far, in my opinion. Beauty standards are dumb and arbitrary. Hardly anyone actually meets them. The white girl down the street is probably just as far off the mark as you are. Stop treating unattainable beauty standards like they’re important, and they won’t be important.

Why do some people say that you’re pretty ‘for a dark-skinned girl’? When that is said to me, it still makes me feel like the ugliest little black thing.

The people who say this are racists. Funny how black people can be racist assholes too, right? Also, how often is this said to you? You act like it happens all the time. Does it? Because if it does, I’m gonna go out on a limb and call your experience an outlier, because even racists aren’t this blatant most of time.

Why do some black men only date white women?

Because that’s what they find attractive? Unless you’re going to start dictating to people who they can and cannot find hot (which Buzzfeed seems to want to do, so I guess this makes sense), I don’t know what you want done about this.

Why is it okay for black men to date white women, but not okay for a black woman to date outide her race?

I don’t know. This confuses me too, actually. It’s like a weird inverse of Asia where it’s way more acceptable for women to have non-Asian boyfriends than the other way around. So yeah. Pass.

Why do you protest black lives matter, and then tear each other down in the next breath?

I protest Black Lives Matter because Black Lives Matter is an awful organization that took a perfectly legitimate grevience and turned it into an excuse to just endlessly play the victim whilst behaving like aggressors in high-profile events and getting nothing constructive actually accomplished. Is that a good enough explanation for you? I don’t have to support something just because I’m black. People have opinions. This is the equivalent of assuming all Jewish people have to support Israel’s war policies because they’re Jewish and Israel is Jewish, what Israel actually does in reality be damned.

What does “tear each other down” even mean here? In the context of this question, you pretty much just asked, “Why do you not support black people, and then go on to not support black people?” What? I will object to things black people do, if said things are objectionable. Is that what you mean? Isn’t that what you’re doing right now?

Why do we say that we don’t want to be seen as a monolith but then try to take people’s black cards away for not liking something that is supposedly black?

Bull. Shit. Buzzfeed. Bullshit! “We are not a monolith!” my ass. In your previous point – two seconds before this point – you had your panties in a knot over black people not supporting something that black people as a monolith are suppose to support. Not to mention your previous race-based videos where you had your infuriatingly regressive black employees speak for all black people. I think that black people aren’t a monolith, but Buzzfeed clearly does. Because that makes a complicated issue simple by reducing the number of parties involved.

And this does happen. In high school, I was effectively a white kid as far as my “authentic” schoolmates were concerned. But Buzzfeed has once again backed itself into a corner where it has no room to comment on black people judging other black people. This happens, once again, because of isolationism in black communities that promots the need to have a distinctive “black” identity, and a further cementing of the definition of “black” as simply not being like the other races. But Buzzfeed’s version of separate-but-equal diversity wouldn’t help this in the slightest.

Why are we so quick to support a non-black owned business, but then hesitate when it’s a black-owned business?

Does this  happen?

Is there a cut-off time for the whole homophobia in the black community thing? Because I’m really looking forward to that.

The black community is one of the most religious in the country. It is very socially conservative in many respects. If it weren’t for current Republicans constantly using the Southern Strategy to get votes – therefore alienating non-white political actors – the majority of black people would probably vote Republican, at least on social issues. I hate to keep bringing it back to this, but anti-intellectualism is probably to blame here again. This is slightly different because the black community’s religiosity and lack of tolerance for more secular views dated back way before the 1960s. They were an oppressed class, religion gave them hope and a solid community bond. That is still the case now, and seeing as how most anti-gay rights sentiments stem from that strong religious conviction angle, it makes sense. It should also change. But that’s why it’s like that.

Why is growing up without a father so common in our race?

Lots of reasons. I don’t have a father, so this is super relevant and stuff. This is an incredibly multifaceted issue. To be brief: A youth culture that glorifies having many sexual partners with little to no emphasis on responsibility, combined  with America’s broken welfare system that makes getting steady employment less lucrative than just staying home, combined with the school-to-prison pipeline that effects impoverished communities, combined with lack of knowledge on safe sex, combined with a normalization of single-mother homes leads to this. And children who grow up in environments where this is the norm are more likely to continue this cycle. It’s pretty bad. But it’s also something ultimately based in personal autonomy, ie, only the black community can do something about this. So I once again am forced to call Bullshit, simply because Buzzfeed has demonstrated time and time again  it’s reluctance to acknowledge personal autonomy in the black community.

Why don’t we like to confront our mental health issues? Therapy is such a wonderful, magical place.

Don’t glorify therapy like needing it is cool. Fucking hell, Buzzfeed. A.) Therapy is expensive and not a luxury many people can afford. B.) Religiosity, again. And C.) the black community is one that still oftentimes views mental health issues as a choice (much like Asian societies). Therefore, someone with issues “just needs to get their shit together,” and that’s the end of that. I agree that that doesn’t make a very healthy society, but the regressive left’s constant infantalization of mental health issues isn’t doing any favors to the cause.

Why is there a checklist for being black?

Ask that to the people who love playing the identity politics game.

Why is being educated considered a white thing? Why can’t I love school and also be black?

I already answered this. “School is for white people!” says large chunks of the black community.

I will use this as an opportunity to make a clarification, to avoid any accusations of hypocrisy which could be made without clarification. I am against generalization. You know this. Why then, do I refer to “the black community” in a more general fashion yet object to white people being generalized as a community? That is because, outside the deservedly-mocked racist groups like the KKK, there is no solid “white identity” or “white communit” in America.

In America, white children are typically raised in environments where their race is not important. They are raised under the auspices of being an individual because ethnic-cultural identity isn’t really an important thing. White people in America, excluding recent immigrants, are often laughed at for saying “Oh, I’m Irish,” or “My family is Scandinavian!” like those are deep, cultural connections they have when that is not the case.

The closest I can get to an example of a “white identity” existing in America is with Italian Americans, maybe. And with them, as you can see with the name, they form a community by having a shared Italian identity, not a shared white one. The “white community,” in that sense, does not exist. White people are not told to have any kind of kinship or shared identity with other white people. They’re just not.

Black people, on the other hand, are told that. This isn’t cultural. It’s not about being African or Carribean. It’s about having a skin tone – being Black. And black people in America are typically raised to regard being Black as something important. They are encouraged to have a strong connection to and a pride in their racial identity as Black. Black children actually have better self-esteem than other children because their sense of racial identity gives them a firmer sense of self at that age. Black people are typically encouraged to feel kinship with other Black people on the basis of being Black, and they form communities around this. Because of this, “the black community” is a distinct entity based in being an insulated and unique racial group, and it has its own ideas on how to maintain this separate community and maintain the “black identity.” Because the black identity, unlike the white one is taught to be deeply important. I was raised by my white family, and even they felt the need to enforce upon me the importance of my racial identity. My white grandmother went out of her way to make sure I felt a connection to and kinship with black people.

So I feel more justified in referring to a black community than a white one simply because, unlike white people in the US, black people have created community kinship based in being a distinctive racial group that has it’s own stuff and it’s own values. All that said, I still like to stress personal autonomy, especially for black people, since it is constantly implied that we have none. It is embracing the idea of individualism and lauding our abilities to determine our own actions and cultures that will get us out of this trap. But I feel like black people have been fed the notion that they absolutely need to place importance on racial connections, which makes enforcing individualism difficult in many cases. And the regressive left is not helping. Explanation over.

Why do I have to be mixed in order to have long hair?


Why do you think well-off black people don’t know what it means to be black? Black isn’t only defined by adversity.

So.  . . Where does privilege factor into this then? I agree with the sentiment, and think that equating blackness with necessarily facing adversity is cynical and self-defeating. That being said, the entire idea of white privilege is based in the notion that being anything other than white is defined by necessarily facing problems that others don’t. So.  . . Are black people inherently victims of adversity or aren’t they? Another BS card for you, Buzzfeed.

Why do some black people say “Oh, I have Native American in my family,” in order to feel interesting or more valuable than other black people around them?

Isn’t this something that everyone does? Isn’t that a joke about Americans? That people brag about being like 1/36th Cherokee like that means anything?

Why can’t we just acknowledge that there are a bunch of differnent types of black people walking around, and they’re all amazing and unique and special in their own way?

Fuck  you, Buzzfeed. People are individuals now, huh? When did you decide on that? Because apparently, black people are homogenous enough for you to know what they think about all things. Also, I’m gonna need you to go back and say that “there are lots of different types of people walking around and they’re all unique and special and blahblahblah” speech about white people. Because the need to acknowledge the individual does not begin and end with you. But I can only assume that saying something nice about the Whites would give the entire Buzzfeed staff a fucking heart attack.

We, within the black community, are so quick to tear each other down and look towards other races in terms of their success and in terms of what they have, but never want to look in the mirror ourselves.

How is the black community supposed to look in the mirror and make some much-needed changes without “tearing each other down”? Hell, an article from The New Republic (which is quickly turning into Buzzfeed under its new management) called black people  self-hating and problematic for even daring to suggest that police violence was a two-way street and that black people contributed to the issue too, not just cops. So are you and your ilk going to stop screaming Uncle Tom and victim blamer every time someone points out that the black community could make some internal improvements independent of white people and their actions?

If not, shut up.

I love black folks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have questions.

“I love white folks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have questions.” Guess which racial group you’re allowed to express love for and which sentence makes you a creepy racist!

I’m done with this. I actually agree with some of the general  points made here, but this video still gave me an aneurysm just because of how incompatible it is with the rest of Buzzfeed’s very apparent thoughts regarding racial relations. Not to mention that, even when allowing black people to be surpsingly self – critical, this still falls into the identity politics pit that expresses contradictory sentiments of not being a monolith but totally all being a monolith at the same time.

Buzzfeed is Just Gonna Shake It Off

The Rise Of The #Regressiveleft Hashtag

What the alt-right’s newest explosively popular hashtag is all about.

This is going to be amazing. Buzzfeed, the king of “regressive left” popcorn media is going to sit everyone down and explain what is really going on and presumably about how they didn’t do nothin’ wrong. I’m actually interested to see their comebacks to the arguments against them. Hell, I’ve even seen two whole articles from a self-proclaimed SJW about how SJWing may not be the best thing ever and they understood why it was off putting to many people, and I would respect the mentality a lot more if more people engaged in that nuance to acknowledge that they have a subjective point of view that doesn’t sit well with everyone.

So let’s see if Buzzfeed’s response is like th- I’m not even going to finish that thought. It’s fucking Buzzfeed. All I can think of is “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift where she so obviously cares about the criticism that she totes doesn’t care about because it’s so stupid and not worth her time.
Look at the first paragraph:

Wade into the thickets of the pro-Trump, anti-SJW internet jungle, past the#Cuckservative vines and around #TheTriggering tree, and you’ll notice a new species, one that’s spread everywhere and seems to have blossomed overnight:


Well, points for creativity, I guess. Your English major finally paid off, dude. Congrats. So.  . . This is dumb. I follow a good number of anti-regressive left folks, and I think Breitbart is the only source that likes Trump in any capacity (and you’ll find that anti-SJW sentiments are really the only thing I and many others have in common with that publication, so acting like we’re in league with the ultraconservative right isn’t all that accurate). Heavyhitters like Dave Rubin and Sargon actively view Trump as bad.

I don’t follow Vine because I’m not a goldfish. #TheTriggering was a fairly good shot at encouraging free speech online even though I personally think it fizzled out before it could have a very significant effect. I don’t even think that what people posted under that hash tag was that offensive.

And the term “regressive left” has been picking up steam for a while. It hasn’t just sprung up from the woodwork out of nowhere. I don’t even like it that much – it’s like calling a Trump supporting Mississippian stupid. It’s not going to convince them to listen to you. And while I do think the beliefs and tactics of this brand of liberal are “regressive,” I think it’s better to bring it up in conversation as opposed to giving someone an immediate label right out of the gate. The name seems more like a witty insult than anything else.

The tag, which plays on the “Progressive Left” of Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter, has become wildly popular among the alt-right. Although it only started popping up on Twitter three months or so ago, now it’s being tweeted hundreds of times a day. Usually, it’s meant to indicate disgust with a backward-looking or hypocritical stance by the left, particularly on campus or in the media. Here’s several examples of typical usage:

Wait.  . . What? The alt-right? Really? I’m getting really tired of having to point this out: Calling someone right wing is not an argument. And applying the label to people who patently are not conservative because “conservative” is commensurate to an insult does not help your case. This just goes to show how unwilling you are to acknowledge that this is not an Us vs. Them issue, because your entire movement depends on it. So you can’t have someone who would otherwise agree with you call you out on your bullshit – they must be on the total opposite end if the spectrum! And things on the opposite end of the spectrum are all bad and misinformed by default so we don’t even have to listen to them! Protecting ourselves from cognitive dissonance is fun!

I am a liberal. Dave Rubin and Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and Bill Maher and Sargon of Akaad are liberals. And, yes, you have your Milos and your Steven Crowders and your Adam Baldwins who are part of the argument as well who are on the right side of the political spectrum. But that is the point, Buzzfeed. The fact that liberals are getting along and working with people who they would otherwise be fighting with should go to show how unifyingly awful the “regressive left” is becoming. It has so utterly destroyed nuance in left-leaning circles that liberals like me have no choice but to turn to the more conservative outlets to talk about this because there are no liberal outlets willing to.

So where the heck does it come from?

The phrase “Regressive Left” was originally coined by the British commentator Maajid Nawaz in 2012 to refer to liberals whose cultural relativism aligns them with repressive Islamic theocracies. Though the term is four years old, its rise on the internet is very recent. In the press run for their new book, Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue, the controversial atheist writer Sam Harris and Nawaz used the term in a series of interviews.

Yeah, that brown, Muslim Maajid Nawaz is as ultraconservative as they come, am I right? He’s right, by the way. Misplaced ideas of multiculturalism have lead to people dragging their feet on what to say about Islam because lots of Muslims are brown. Shit-talking Christianity for being an arachaic idea written by socially backwards desert tribes who thought that it was okay to own slaves and treat women like slightly more intelligent animals is perfectly fine. You can talk about the “oppressive, patriarchal power structures” of Christianity all fucking day, because that is a Western, “white people” religion. But Islam needs defending, guys.

In an episode of Real Time last October, Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher discussed the term in the context of Islam and safe spaces on campus. And on Dec. 9, Dawkins tweeted:


Regressive left turns treacherous blind eye on misogyny & homophobia because they absurdly think Islam must be “respected” as a “race”.

Well, he’s right. It’s actually rather hilarious. I believe that it’s Faisal Al Mutar who likes to give people this little mind game: “You’d call an ultraconservative Christain in the Deep South who doesn’t believe in gay rights and who thinks women should stay in the kitchen a sexist bigot, right? Congrats on calling X% of Muslims sexist bigots, because they think the same thing, only even more extreme.” And people trip over themselves to take it back.

A Google Trends search shows that interest in the term shot up in the fall of 2015, around the time of Dawkins’ tweet, dropped slightly last month, and is at an all-time high right now. (There are memes!) To feed this interest, dozens of explainer videos and alt-right YouTube news segments have cropped up. Two of the most popular, “The Truth About the Regressive Left,” and “Introduction to the Regressive Left (#Regressive Left)” boast 150,000 views each. (The latter is by the popular men’s rights activist Sargon of Akkad.)

Everything about this is wrong.Neither of those videos are from alt-right YouTubers, Sargon I’m fairly sure does not identify as an MRA, and if you’re going to put political labels on your dissenters it seems like they would be libertarians not alt-righters. And here we go again with the ridiculously bipartisan idea that something coming from a conservative mouth must be the worst thing ever by default. Guess what, Buzzfeed? Some of the first people to noticably engage in the same kind of moral authoritarianism that the “regressive left” does were religious conservatives – this is not a left wing/right wing issue. The horseshoe theory is a bitch.

Very, very quickly, the term spread to encompass much more than stories of cultural tolerance gone too far, to the point that it’s rarely applied to Islam at all. #Regressiveleft can now append tweets about the perceived repression of free speech for left causes in general (e.g., the infamous former Missouri lecturer Melissa Click); about the “Ivy League lynch mobs” rushing to hang Dr. Luke; about Bernie Sanders’ claim that white people don’t know what it’s like to live in a ghetto; aboutthe harm done by a BuzzFeed writer’s tweets about the new all-female Ghostbustersmovie; about the “scam” of climate change; and, of course, aboutethics in games journalism. It’s become a catchall for any element of the dominant new media culture that the anti-SJW internet doesn’t like.

What is with your hate boner for GamerGate? You realize how old news that is, right? Fun fact, though: the treatment of video games and the gaming community – the insistence that the community is toxic and its art promotes dangerous ideas – is very similar to how rock n’ roll and later role playing board games like D&D were treated by morally righteous conservative groups. The rock music makes you hate women and glorifies anti-social behavior, don’t you know? And D&D is obviously about Satanism and murder.

All of those seem pretty legit besides the climate change one. And I will admit that Rebel Media’s weird libertarianism-fueled climate change denial is stupid and should be argued against. But that is once again what you have to deal with when your counter-movement isn’t on a political spectrum but an anti-authortarianism spectrum. You’re gonna have people you disagree with.

And, since we all live in his world now, #Regressiveleft is also about Donald Trump. Frequently the tag comes next to tweets comparing Trump and Hitler. Others use it to suppose that the “liberal failure to take on Islamism” has opened the door for Trump’s xenophobic pandering. Chanterculture diehards use it to refer to the class of educated liberals whom a Trump presidency would purge. Here it bears almost no resemblance at all to Maajid Nawaz’s original coinage.

I feel inclined to point out that Maajid Nawaz has appeared on the Rubin Report multiple times and seems to support the use of “regressive left” in these political contexts. I also believe that the lack of nuance has lead to Trump getting popular. Liberals should be being, well, liberals, by upholding Muslim religious freedom and safety to practice but also pointing out the Islamic clash with many liberal ideas.

They don’t do that though. You have one side insisting that there is absolutetly nothing wrong with Islamic ideas and that Muslims never did nothin’ because of their religious beliefs. This side shuts down any and all comments to the contrary. So of course the equal and opposite reaction will be people who are mad about Islam never being questioned flocking into the arms of an actual bigot because at least the bigot admits that there is an issue.

But that’s what’s so fascinating about the spread of #Regressiveleft. Unlike #Cuckservative, it doesn’t come from an alt-right message board. Instead, it comes from people, like Maher and Dawkins and Nawaz, who, controversial as they may be on the internet, would almost certainly identify as big-L Liberal.

Oh my God! You acknowledged it! Are you going to acknowledge that it didn’t spin out of control and that liberal voices are still very much prevelant in “regressive left” conversations? You’re acting like the term got wrongfully co-opted by horrible, horrible right-wingers, but I don’t see that personally. While many anti-SJW speakers get together from multiple points on the left/right spectrum it is not out of the question that they argue about other points.

Indeed, it reveals the wiring by which the kind of cable news–appropriate Western values–traditionalism practiced by Bill Maher and Sam Harris can flow through the substations of the alt-right internet —Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, 4chan — to emerge overnight as a power source for cutting-edge internet rhetorical warfare.

You’re so fucking close to actually realizing what’s happening here. So fucking close. But instead you’re still stuck at the mental road block caused by you being unable to acknowledge that liberals can disagree with you. Do you want to know the horrible, horrible “cable news- appropriate Western values – traditionalism” that Maher and Harris subscribe to?

It’s the “traditionalism” that says gay people should be allowed to get married if they want without being thrown off a roof or forced into sex change surgery for their sexual orientation. It’s the “traditionalism” that says a woman should be able to go to school, should be able to drive and show her hair and shouldn’t have to worry about being killed or harmed for touching a man her parents didn’t want her to marry. It’s the “traditionalism” that says you shouldn’t be thrown in jail or killed for saying something bad about a sacred topic. Those are the horrible, horrible Western values that you scoff at, because how dare the West be such a cultural imperialist, am I right? As long as we can blame everything on solipsistic Western imperialism where the West is the perpetual bad guy, the world is good.

In other words, it’s a sign that the sentiments behind the alt-right may not be as far out of the American mainstream as some of us would like to think.

Fuck this writer. Because these are such awful sentiments, right? And here we are a-fucking-gain finding some way to make everyone who opposes us out to be evil, evil conservatives. Yeah, the people saying these things may be liberals, but they’re liberals who are dangerously close to being conservatives. They have conservative sentiments.

Liberals disagree with you! Capital-L Liberals! And you could have used that realization as a  chance to truly reflect on why. But instead you stuck your head in the ground and decided that it must be because they are channeling alt-right ideas even if they aren’t alt-right themselves. Them disagreeing with you is a sign of danger! It is a sign that the dangerous, evil right wing that hates us so is gaining so much power that it’s sunk into the left an infected it too. It is a sign that you are more oppressed, more surrounded on all sides by the enemy than ever before! It can’t be that people who are on your side are trying to tell you that you’re doing something wrong, that’s ridiculous.


You say you stand up for minorties, that you care about them to the point of being okay with discriminating against majority group members. Okay. 

What about the atheist in Saudi Arabia? What about the woman in Bangladesh? What about the black kid who gets beat up every day by his black classmates because he’s not authentic enough? What about the white people who are being oppressed somewhere in the world? What about the Chinese kid who can’t afford to have points deducted from his SAT score? Do you give a Fuck about any of them? Or are the people abusing them off-limits for reasons of skin color and good intentions?

Taking Buzzfeed’s Privilege Test

Time to see how privileged I am, guys! Because if anything can assess the nuances of the quality of a life, it’s a one-size-fits-all checklist from Buzzfeed. Let’s get started, yo.

I am white.

Nope. Good to get that one done right out of the gate. What if they’re a white person in China or the Ukraine- you know places where being white makes you a minority or has no bearing on life because almost everyone is?


I have never been discriminated against because of my skin color.

I have been by both white and minority groups.


I have never been the only person of my race in a room.

Seeing as how I’m in Asia right now, you know the answer to that. What about biracial people? Does this apply to me if I’m the only biracial person in a room of black people? Of white people? I’m both of those things, so….


I have never been mocked for my accent.

Mocked is putting it very melodramaticly, but people have made fun of my Southern accent before. Does it count if I also make fun of my accent?


I have never been told I am attractive “for my race.”

Seeing as how I’ve been told I was pretty by someone not in my family like three times, the whole “for a black girl” part never came up.


I have never been a victim of violence because of my race.

I have, I think? Does this mean personal violence or things like vandalism against my property and whatnot? I’ve never been punched in the face, but people did kill my dog once. I don’t know what this question means.


I have never been called a racial slur.

I have been.


I have never been told I “sound white.”

I am told this all the time, usually by black people.


A stranger has never asked to touch my hair, or asked if it is real.

This has happened to me, but I don’t care. Does it count as a disadvantage if I don’t give a fuck?


I am heterosexual.

I am.


I have never lied about my sexuality.

I have not.


I never had to “come out.”

Well, I did come out as bi to one of my friends in high school when I had a crush on a girl that didn’t last. And I’ve had to come out as an atheist in the Bible Belt, which sucked, even though that’s not the kind of coming out you’re talking about. I think. Fuck it, I’m saying I have.


I never doubted my parents’ acceptance of my sexuality.

Not really. I’m pretty sure they thought I was a lesbian for a while and they seemed okay with it.


I have never been called “fag.”



I have never been called “dyke.”

I’ve been asked if I was a lesbian in a derisive manner once. Does that count. I will say no, I guess.


I have never been called a “fairy,” or any other derogatory slur for homosexuals.

Nope. But what about all the straight people who get called the Louis CK definition of “fag,” what do they mark here? It’s not a gay slur in that case, so they should ignore it or.  . . ? I don’t know. This list sucks.

Heh. Unintentional gay joke.


I have never tried to hide my sexuality.



I am always comfortable with P.D.A. with my partner in public.

I don’t like PDA, so no I’m not always comfortable. It has nothing to do with my sexual orientation, I just think PDA is awkward. What do I put here?!


I have never pretended to be “just friends” with my significant other.



I have never been ostracized by my religion for my sexual orientation.



I have never been told I would “burn in hell” for my sexual orientation.

I’ve been told that for other things. But not for my sexual orientation, which is the only important one I guess.


I have never been told that my sexuality is “just a phase.”

No one told me this. But my aforementioned girl crush was just a phase, so.  . . . The truth is homophobic. Sure. Why not?


I have never been violently threatened because of my sexuality.



I am a man.

I am a woman, so no.


I feel comfortable in the gender I was born as.



I still identify as the gender I was born in.



I have never tried to change my gender.



I have never been denied an opportunity because of my gender.

What does this mean? I couldn’t do boys’ baseball because I was a girl. But the boys couldn’t join the girls’ baseball team either. So that applies to everyone, so I don’t see how it is a privilege or disadvantage. And in college I’ve been given opportunities because of my gender that men actively can’t get and have no male counterpart for. So the inverse of this is true. Is there a check for that? No? Okay.


I make more money than my professional counterparts of a different gender.

I don’t think I do. I’m pretty sure my shitty pay is the same as theirs.


I have never felt unsafe because of my gender.

Not really. Feeling unsafe generally has more to do with location than me being a woman. Also, if I get physically assaulted, people are far more likely to help me than a guy in the same situation. So I’m pretty good.


I have never been catcalled.

Not really. What counts as catcalling? God, this list is so vague.


I have never been sexually harassed or assaulted.

Nope. Shocking, I know, what with the rapists waiting around every corner and whatnot.


I have never been raped.



I work in a salaried job.



My family and I have never lived below the poverty line.

We have and still do.


I don’t have any student loans.

I do now! Thanks, shitty summer funding. I hate you to.


I have never gone to bed hungry.

I know what this is implying. But you can be rich and miss dinner all the time. This applies to me, but someone should have really punched these questions up to be less emotionally evocative and more fucking specific.


I have never been homeless.



My parents pay some of my bills.

When I’m at home they do, but when I’m not at home, they don’t. So.  . . Yes? I will go with that.


My parents pay all of my bills.



I don’t rely on public transportation.

I do. I don’t have a drivers license, so I kind of have to.


I buy new clothes at least once a month.

I’m wearing a sweater right now that I got in high school. So no.


I have never done my taxes myself.

I don’t make enough money to have to do taxes.


I have never felt poor.

I feel poor all the fucking time.


I have never had to worry about making rent.

I’ve never had to paid rent.  . . I live in a fully subsidized dorm while in college. I’m sure if I did pay rent I would worry about it. What do I put here?!


I have never worked as a waiter, barista, bartender, or salesperson.

I have.


I have had an unpaid internship.



I have had multiple unpaid internships.



I went to summer camp.

Once when I was like 9, and it was a free day camp. And I was a councilor at a music camp, does that count as going to summer camp? I will put yes, I guess.


I went to private school.



I graduated high school.



I went to an elite college.



I graduated college.

I’ll put yes since I’m about to.


My parents paid (at least some of) my tuition.



I had a car in high school.



I’ve never had a roommate.

I have had roommates.


I’ve always had cable.



I have traveled internationally.



I travel internationally at least once a year.

Definitely not.


I studied abroad.

Doing it now.


I’ve never skipped a meal to save money.

I do this all the time.


I don’t know what “Sallie Mae” is.

What the Fuck does that mean?


I spent Spring Breaks abroad.

That is a hard Nope.


I have frequent flier miles.

I do, but that’s because I have to fly from the South to Philly and back at least five times a year. I don’t have enough miles to actually get me anything.


My parents are heterosexual.



My parents are both alive.

I don’t know. I have a single mom, Buzzfeed. Why isn’t that a point?


My parents are still married.

I am a bastard child. They were never married.


I do not have any physical disabilities.

I’m legally blind, actually. So yes, I do have a physical disability.


I do not have any social disabilities.



I do not have any learning disabilities.

I had a speech impediment as a kid. Not now. So no, I guess.


I have never had an eating disorder.



I have never been depressed.

Not sure what to put here. A doctor never told me I was clinically depressed, though, so I will say no.


I have never considered suicide.

I have considered suicide, depressingly enough.


I have never attempted suicide.

Um . . . Does prepping for suicide but not attempting the actual act count as attempted suicide? I legit do not know.


I have never taken medication for my mental health.



I can afford medication if/when I need it.

Not right now.


I have never been told I’m overweight or “too skinny.”

Well, I am overweight. So people telling me that are being accurate.p


I have never felt overweight or underweight or “too skinny.”

I have.


I have never been shamed for my body type.

Not really, no.


I consider myself to be physically attractive.

I don’t think I’m horrible looking, but I don’t think I’m attractive either. I think people who tell me I am are kind of talking out of their ass to make me feel good.


I can afford a therapist.



I’ve used prescription drugs recreationally.

Once. On an off note: Ambien fucking sucks.


I have never had an addiction.



I have never been shamed for my religious beliefs.

I’m an atheist. I’ve been shamed for that, but that is not a religious belief, Buzzfeed. God, way to oppress me with your religiously normative statements.


I have never been violently threatened for my religious beliefs.



I have never been violently attacked for my religious beliefs.



There is a place of worship for my religion in my town.

No? There’s no atheist club, so I guess not.


I have never lied about my ethnicity as self-defense.



I have never lied about my religion as self-defense.



All my jobs have been accommodating of my religious practices.

Being an atheist does not require accomodations.


I am not nervous in airport security lines.

I’m always nervous in airport security lines, but that is because I’m one of those people who everything always goes wrong for when I’m at the airport. I’m not afraid of racist TSA officers or anything. I’m afraid that a slightly too-big tube of toothpaste will wind up stranding me in the Shanghai airport for 24 hours because they give no fucks that your flight is leaving in ten minutes! Sorry, some recent complications have been on my mind.


I have never heard this statement: “You have been randomly selected for secondary passport control.”



I have never been called a terrorist.



Nobody has ever tried to “save” me for my religious beliefs.

They have.


I have never been cyber-bullied for any of my identities.

I’ve been cyber-bullied by repgressive leftists who do everything but call me a race-traitor because I don’t agree with them. I can only assume that counts.


I was not bullied as a child for any of my identities.

I was bullied by black kids for being an Oreo.


I have never tried to distance myself from any of my identities.

Not really. How do I distance myself from very apparent physical states?


I have never been self-conscious about any of my identities.

I guess I have. But, what, having high self esteem is a privilege now? I thought privilege was about external factors? Where were all the questions about how I felt about and reacted to certain things earlier, if my perception of events wound up being a privilige-marker in of itself?


I have never questioned any of my identities.



I feel privileged because of the identities I was born with.

Yes, actually. Academia and the literary world are both being bitches to white guys right now.

So what is my score (after I’ve worked out all the infuriatingly ambiguous questions, that is)?

You live with 56 out of 100 points of privilege.
You’re quite privileged. You’ve had a few struggles, but overall your life has been far easier than most. This is not a bad thing, nor is it something to be ashamed of. But you should be aware of your advantages and work to help others who don’t have them. Thank you for checking your privilege.
Oh my God, guys! I’m privileged! My place at the front of the line in the progressive stack got it all wrong!
This survey is awful. As someone whose job it was to make effective surveys for some time, this actually made my brain black out at a few points. If any one of your questions is so vague that people do not know what to put, it is a bad survey. If the answer they put can be easily misconstrued by both the survey taker and the surveyor, it is a bad survey. If the questions do not provide enough context to be answered thoroughly as a whole, it is a bad survey.
Want some examples? No? You’re getting them anyway.
“I’m always comfortable with PDA with my SO.” is vague as he’ll. Anyone can be uncomfortable with outward displays of affection. I can only assume you are referring to gay people being self conscious about it. When the person taking the survey has to assume some implied context in order to answer the question, it does not work.
“I have been bullied for one or more of my identities.” can be easily misconstrued by a surveyor with confirmation bias. When I, a black woman, say I have been bullied, a Buzzfeed reading Tumblrite is going to read that as “men and white people mistreated this poor black woman” when that is not the case. But it is worded so vaguely and with so little specification that they can take whatever answer they want and fit it into preconceived notions.
“I have never taken medication  for mental health,” is a question that once again relies on an unspecified and ambiguous implication that you have not had mental problems and therefore didn’t need medicine. What about the people who needed medication but couldn’t get to a doctor or couldn’t afford the prescription? They are going to be counted as privileged in this case simply because they’ve never taken a medication  before, totally ignoring the contexts behind that statement.
And most of the questions are like this, if you didn’t pick up on that. I wouldn’t care so much except for this is Buzzfeed trying to do social commentary. It is them trying to create a yes/no list that actually assesses how privileged someone is. And since privilege is what determines who gets to speak and who gets to say what things, it is important. This is a “serious” quiz. And it is awful.
And it also placed an economically disenfranchised,  physically disabled, religious minority, black woman who has considered suicide into the “Privileged” category. Because I have to fly places sometimes and went to summer camp once. Now, I actually think my life has been pretty good, all things considered, but using regressive liberal logic, me ever being considered privileged is laughable. So it doesn’t even use its incredibly skewed and shoddy questions well. That is just sad.


A Black Person Responds To . . . Buzzfeed’s 33 Questions White People Have For White People

Goddammit, Buzzfeed.

Who told you that you could do social commentary? Who? You’re for under-informed 90’s pop culture nostalgia and baseless quizzes about what Fall Out Boy lyric best fits my personality. Stop trying to be smart, Buzzfeed. You’re bad at it.

Anyway, I already responded to their first incredibly racist video where black people asked white people questions, and that got a pretty nice response, so I might as well pull my hair out over this new one as well. And since I’m biracial, as this video helpfully informs me, my opinion on white culture is super-extra valid. So that’s good.

Let’s just get this over with again.

Why do you assume only other races like fried chicken? I love fried chicken. That should be a white people stereotype because of me.

If the rest of the video was tongue-in-cheek like this, I might actually like it and think it was humorous. It’s not though.

I also feel inclined to point out that the South exists, and no one is doubting that those white people love them some fried chicken. That’s just a nitpick.

Culture and Language

Why do we make it so we only have pumpkin in the fall? I want pumpkin all the time.

Oh my god, another point that has a sense of humor? Way to go. Well, this video is already beating the last one as far as humor goes–that one had like one-and-a-half funny points at best.

Why can’t white people dance? Seriously, is it genetic or something? Do we have stiff hips or two left feet?

Also humorous, in my opinion. But also indulging in light-hearted racial stereotyping in a way that would not be tolerated if they were talking about literally anyone else, so I’m going to point out the hypocrisy there and move on. In your last video on race, you had black people perpetuate the “white people are lame” stereotype and that was apparently perfectly fine even though white people indulging in similar harmless stereotypes like “Why don’t black people like to go swimming?” would probably be deemed racist. Also you’re probably not going to get a Buzzfeed video about black people asking other black people why they’re so obsessed with wearing too many neck chains.

Edit: Buzzfeed actually did make a “Black People Ask Black People Questions” video! So point to Buzzfeed for actually being consistent. Credit where credit is due. I replied to it as well.

                Why do you get so annoyed when other people don’t speak English? English is hard—we have silent ks!

Is this a white people thing? Yeah, there are lots of white people who get pissed off when anyone even suggests that they should learn a second language, but so do other people. Or have you not ever been privy to a black person ranting about how they’re forcing our children to learn Spanish? Because I certainly have. This aversion towards foreign language seems like more of an American thing than a white person thing.

                Why do you get so excited to brag on Instagram about going to this really fun, cool cultural festival . . . even though you went with all your white friends?

Fuck them for daring to go to a fun event and wanting to tell people about it while also not having a diversity quota for their friend group, am I right? “I’m sorry, Stacy, I really like you and everything, but there’s only one more spot open in our clique right now and we still need a Black to round everything out. Maybe try again next year after Tina moves to Colorado.”

Oh no, I don’t have any German friends, I guess I better get some before I dare show my face in German Town to get Christmas ornaments this year. Just going there with my actual friends who I hang out with because I enjoy their company would be insulting. Also, are you telling people that they should seek out new friendships with people based on race? Is that not racist? Something tells me that you would call that racist.

Fuck you and your weird obsession with race quotas in everything you do.

                Why do you spray tan until you turn orange? Can’t you just be comfortable in your own body?

Wow, way to make fun of people with poor body image, further stigmatizing and de-legitimizing it as a serious issue faced by people today, particularly young girls. Just kidding. But seriously, guys, it’s way too easy to use SJW rhetoric against them. You should give it a try.

Also, doesn’t the notion that pale people are so desperate to have a darker skin tone they turn themselves orange kind of work against Buzzfeed’s insistence that we have “white” beauty standards. If anything this would point to a society that values racial ambiguity.

Media and Entertainment

Why do you think since you’ve seen five seasons of The Wire you’re a “cultural expert.”

The Wire was made by a white guy. Just saying. Also, are black people just automatically “cultural experts” on the subject? Even the black people who in no way lived in that same environment? Can Will Smith’s kids claim instant cultural expertise on “black culture (which you have, for some reason, centered solely in urban ghettos)? What about the white people who live in urban ghettos? Do they not have anything to say on the matter?

Oh no, nuance! RUN.

                Why do you believe everything that you see on TV when it comes to other races?

Because no one else ever does this, right? Only white people.

                Why do you get upset when a TV show becomes “diverse,” even when diverse usually only means two to three people of color?

Who gets upset over this kind of thing save for the very vocal minority on Twitter who is immediately lambasted by everyone else, white people included, for being racist? Who? What random white person off the street is mad about this? And no, people who don’t like the new diverse character because they’re not a good character, don’t count as racists. I also love how nothing is good enough for you guys: “Yeah, you have three black people in the show, but you don’t count as diverse until you have five black people, dammit! Maybe even ten.”

                Why do you assume movies with white stars are more relatable than movies with people of color? People of color have had to relate to white people for all of cinematic history.

Once again, who is assuming this? Just saying that white people assume this doesn’t mean they do. This seems like more of a lowest-common-denominator, focus-group, out-of-touch film executive idea than one that can be applied to the whole of society. This is also rather hypocritical on your part seeing as how you’re the same group of people who say that people of color can only truly relate to characters who look like them, and when they’re not represented in a film, that means black people have no one to relate to in the story. So what, it’s okay for black people to relate to black characters more than characters of any other race, but when white people do the same thing, then it’s racist? You can’t have it both ways. You’re also the same group of people that insists that any story with a person of color as the focus tells a story “about the non-white experience,” no matter what the story is, denying the universality that you then complain about not having. Make up your mind.

Also, if you ever bother to do research, fame cancels this out. Will Smith and Morgan Freeman and Edris Elba and Eddie Murphy can be cast as the totes-relatable main character and people will love it. Statistically, white people pay more money to the overall movie/film industry by buying movie tickets and DVDs and whatnot, which means dumb movie executives will want to appeal to them more. They’re also more likely to support “black movies” of more esoteric genres than black people are themselves. Black people have also proven that the only movies that they watch in consistently large numbers in theaters are “mainstream” movies that have mostly black people. (And I have a whole rant about how those movies usually suck because they take advantage of the basic standards of their audience who seem to care more about the cast than the actual merit of the film. But that’s another rant.) So are those black people being racist?

Also, how America-centric of you. You realize the rest of the world both exists and makes movies right? But all those Korean films leave out everyone of racial importance (read: black and white people), so we don’t watch those!

                Why is Viola Davis the first black person to when an Emmy for Best Actress?

Because she was the first black person who was a lead actress in a drama that was good enough to win the Emmy? What do you want from me? If you want to complain about this, complain about casting in general, not award shows that happen after the fact. Can you name a significant number of black women that were good enough to win an award? This is very specific criteria. You have to be black, the indisputable lead actress (no ensemble casts), in a show that is indisputably a drama (dramadies go under comedy), produced by people who go through the campaign work and put in the funds necessary to apply for and get potentially put in the running for an award. You don’t just get nominated.

I’m a pop culture buff. Filling my brain with useless television and film minutiae is what I do. And I can think of three actresses who fit that criteria, maybe four if you really stretch the definition of “lead actress” and “drama.” The others I can think of are in dramadies, ensemble casts, or aren’t top billed characters. Do you have a list of women who fit that extremely specific criteria but got beat out by someone who objectively didn’t deserve it? This sounds like someone complaining about something they probably don’t even care about, let alone have the opinions to actually back up. “We need more black women!” “Who do you have in mind?” “I don’t know, we just need more!”

Also, do we only care about women now? Is it only black women we hate? I guess a black man has won before, so you’d have to be more specific. Are you also just going to totally ignore that being the first winner doesn’t mean that she was the first black woman to be nominated? Are you also going to ignore that black women have won for Best Supporting Role as well as Best Ensemble Cast for multiple shows? Are you going to ignore that black men and women are actually over-represented among Emmy winners once you account for the winners in areas like writing, music, makeup, set design, etc.? Hell, one of the biggest show runners in television is a black woman. But only actors are important, because you don’t actually care about this topic beyond your shallow investment in surface demographics. Are you going to ignore that the Emmy’s are usually only about four TV shows and it just so happened that Viola Davis’s show was one of them this year? Okay.

                Why aren’t we complaining that the Oscars and all the other award shows are all white? That’s just like white people congratulating other white people on being white.

Wow. If somebody said this string of words in front of me, I might actually punch them in the face. “It’s just like white people congratulating other white people for being white.” FUCK YOU. Seriously. Fuck you. I don’t even like the Oscars half the time because there’s a very typical type of movie that tends to get nominated/win. You know, Oscar bait–either something with a gimmick (think Birdman) or something about how ___-ism is bad (think Selma or Dallas Buyer’s Club). That being said: FUCK YOU. 

Let’s just totally forget that Birdman swept the Oscars last year, and almost all the people who won something for it were Latino. Let’s forget that those same people swept it again the next year. Or that Big Hero 6 won for best animated film. Or that the winner for best score was Asian. Let’s just forget that shit because it’s inconvenient. Once again, this is a surface level understanding of what goes into making film where you only care who wins best actor and turn it off afterwards.

“It’s nothing but white people congratulating other white people on being white.”

I don’t even know what to say to that. As someone who loves film, and all aspects of film, and wants to work in film someday, I find this egregiously insulting. To play the identity politics game that you SJWs love to play–I’m an economically disenfranchised black woman. And if I ever found myself in the position where I was up for an Oscar somehow, I sincerely hope that you and people like you are not the ones deciding who gets it. I sincerely hope so. It’s not like those actors who won worked hard and deserved the recognition and deserved someone telling them that they did a good job. It’s not like the writers spent years working on a script that would be good enough to film. No–they’re only being celebrated because they’re white. No other fucking reason. They’re objectively terrible at writing and acting and directing and whatever else they did and deserve no accolades whatsoever because they do nothing of merit. But, hey, they’re white, so let’s give it to them anyway over the truly deserving black person, no other reason. Fuck you.

Also, here’s a belated congratulations, Viola Davis. You’re a good actress and I’m happy to see you in more things.

                Why don’t we know the difference between appropriation and appreciation?

I’ve already done several posts on this topic. Go read those. There is no difference, it’s just appropriation when white people do it. Culture is a set of actions and ideas assigned meaning – They don’t apply to someone by default. You can be a certain ethnicity but not relate to your ethnicity’s culture. This is yet another idea that puts people in boxes before you know anything about them.

Go read this and this and this and this for my thoughts on the subject, particularly the second link if you want to hear about my thoughts on white people and cultural appropriation specifically.

Why can’t we figure out how to make our own pop culture, our own slang, our own cool clothes, instead of stealing other people’s cool clothes and saying that they’re our cool clothes?

Wow, are you seriously doing this, Buzzfeed? Are you seriously about to force me into yet another rant two seconds after I got done ranting? Okay, breathe. I just have to breathe . . .

Apparently, according to you, white people do have their own pop culture – film and tv, for instance – and you are the ones getting mad at them for not sharing their pop culture with everyone else. So having your own shit is good unless you’re a white person in which case it’s racist if you do not let everyone else have it too? Why aren’t you mad that the NBA is overwheingly black? It’s just black people congratulating other black people for being black at that point, isn’t it? No? Okay.

So. You’re not for cultural segregation, huh? Two can play at that game. Hey, anyone whose not white: stop drinking ale. I kind of want to say stop drinking beer in general, but that seems a bit much–but you should stop drinking ale or mead or gin, definitely stop drinking vodka. Those are only for white people. Hey, anyone whose not Japanese: don’t use text abbreviations. You know–lol, ttfn, hru. Stop using those, because text-lingo originated in Japan. Anyone who isn’t German specifically needs to stop saying fuck. Good thing I’m German-Irish on my mom’s side, then. Also, literally the entire rest of the world that isn’t America needs to stop wearing blue jeans because those are a purely American-originating type of clothing. You don’t want to appropriate American culture, do you? All you black kids who are really into karate or kungfu? Stop that shit right now. All the cholos are going to be so heartbroken when they figure out that it’s culturally insensitive to wear Scottish tartan patterns. I also hope that no black emo girl has ever worn a corset. Wait a minute, corsets are a staple of lingerie, so no more lingerie for anyone who isn’t European! We should call up all the Asians and Latinos who fancy themselves rappers and tell them to stop stealing it from black people too. Fuck you, G-Dragon!

Keep your shit to yourself, world! Cultures don’t change. Languages don’t change. Art doesn’t change. It should all stick to itself and never have outside influences ever, especially if it’s connected to white people in any way. That’s how you show respect.


Why are white people obsessed with Wes Anderson?

I love Wes Anderson. Come at me.

                Why would you ever say “thug life”? It’s a bad life.

Ironically? Oh, I forgot, SJWs don’t have the capacity to realize that intent matters a lot in language. Never mind.

                What do you have against seasoning and spiciness? Christopher Columbus discovered America looking for spices, you know? Also, why are casseroles a thing?

Seriously, England. Vinegar is not a condiment. Also, anyone who isn’t Eastern European needs to give up their casserole privileges. The Russians have never not been egregiously oppressed by someone, so casseroles are their thing. #CulturalPurity

                Why do you try to avoid confrontation at all costs?

Why are you assigning very specific character traits to an entire race of people? You’re being confrontational right now, for fucks sake. But that would mean acknowledging that “white” isn’t some nebulous, formless blob with no distinguishing characteristics of places or individual people, and we can’ t have that.

                Why is it crazy that I’m white and I have a big butt?

It’s not. Next.

                Why is it such a big deal when somebody doesn’t want to hike?

Hey black people, why is it such a big deal when your white friend doesn’t want to go to Popeye’s for dinner? Guess which of these two jokes is unacceptable? You have one chance, and if you get it wrong you’re an idiot.

Talking About Race

Why do you keep talking about reverse racism? That is not a thing. We are the people in power. Racism is about oppression. Sorry, white people have not been oppressed.

It’s like you’re trying to get me to have a heart attack, Buzzfeed. You’re right, though, reverse racism doesn’t exist. Because being racist towards white people is just flat-out racism, there’s no reverse about it. The power + oppression thing is your revised definition of the term, SJWs. You can’t just act like that’s how it really is because you can change words to mean whatever you want. Also, white people have never been oppressed, huh? Let me just run on down to rural Appalachia where they still use Coca-Cola as currency, it’s uncommon to have more than a fifth grade education because people actively tried to stop them from building schools, and everyone’s grand-dad is dying of black lung because they were taken advantage of as borderline slave labor working in the mines and quarries. I’ll tell them that they’ve never been systematically oppressed.

                Why are you too afraid to speak up when someone says something racist?

This is something that most people deal with. Most people aren’t prone to making a scene even if they personally don’t like something. This isn’t just white people. Also, I’m fairly sure your standards for what constitutes call-out worthy racism are fucking ridiculous. But that’s just me assuming something about you, oh no.

                Why do we think that having one friend of color means that nothing we say or do can ever possibly be racist?

Why do you think that someone just not being white means that nothing they say or do could ever possibly be racist?

                Why does being half-white automatically make my commentary on white culture only half-true? I’m just as much white as I am Mexican.

I don’t even get this one. I’m half-white too, dude. I guess our dissenting opinions about how much white people suck just canceled everything out for biracial people everywhere.

                Why do you think that “black lives matter” means that your life doesn’t matter? Every life matters, it’s just that one has a harder time living.

Statistically speaking, the ones who have the “hardest time living” are homeless men, race being a random, non-significant factor dependent on the demographics of the place they’re in. If we’re going by racial groups killed by the cops in proportion to their overall numbers in America, Native American men are being disproportionately killed by cops way more than black people. And if we’re talking strict numbers without taking into account proportionality, more white men are unlawfully killed every day by police officers than black ones. Where are all the hashtag-tivists being outraged about how many homeless men and Native Americans and white people who are unlawfully killed by the police? You can’t act like one group deserves more attention because they objectively have it the worst and then just ignore that they don’t actually objectively have it the worst. Police brutality is a big issue in America, but I have a problem with Black Lives Matter because they treat it like something that only happens to black people and don’ t seem interested in addressing concrete changes that could be made to help. And still no talk about the failed drug war from you Black Lives Matter folks, even though the drug war is the driving force behind the police regulations that disproportionately target black people. Nope, we just need to talk about vague racism and act like there’s no other reason that shit’s happening.

                Why do you get offended when you see a table full of black people, but not when you see a lunchroom full of white people?

Who get’s offended at this? Also, I’m pretty sure that’s just how demographics work. Living in a place with a majority white populace isn’t a fucking crime, Buzzfeed. Also, from my personal experience, the black kid’s table at the cafeteria was exclusionary and racist as fuck, which is why I both didn’t want to and wasn’t allowed to sit there with them (me being an Oreo and everything). So, go up to that table full of black people, as a white person, and try sitting with them and see what happens. Then get one of your ever-present black friends to do the same, just with a table of white people, and then get back to me and tell me which person felt more uncomfortable. But wait a minute, I forgot, being overtly racists towards white people is fine because it’s not racism! Barf.

                Why do you always ask to have a white people club? You already do, it’s the student union. They have a black student union because you don’t represent them well.

Is this about the whole, “Why do we need race-based buildings/clubs?” idea that is floating around college campuses. I agree that a “white people club” would be stupid. I also think that having clubs or buildings specifically for people of color also makes no sense. At least the Women’s Center makes sense when you take into account things like women-specific medical needs, but what is so different about white people and literally everyone else that they need their own spaces away from each other?

Also, from my personal experience, yet again (sorry for all the anecdotes, guys), having spaces that either implicitly or explicitly exclude white people in order to make a “safe space” for people of color generally lead to extreme cliquishness where no one hangs out with anyone who isn’t of their own race. Diversity?

                Why do you see the success of people of color as a threat to you?

Who thinks this? Who. And why do they represent all white people?

You know that a two-minute video about whiteness isn’t reverse racism right? Two minutes about whiteness . . . hundreds of years of systemic oppression? Yeah, I think we can deal with this.

“It’s okay to be racist towards white people because white people were mean to people in the past, and now it’s their turn to be unfairly judged for nothing except the color of their skin!” Yay, self-flagellation and vindictiveness.

Why are we upset about immigrants when we were the first immigrants? And we were white people running away from other white people. That kind of shows you how bad white people can be.

Doesn’t that go against your whole “White people were never mistreated or oppressed” idea? No? Whatever. Also, just going to sweep the atrocities committed by literally every other race, sometimes towards white people and sometimes not, under the rug. It’s only white people who do bad things. And it’s only ever been white people who have ever done bad things. And it really only matters when they do those bad things to people who aren’t also white. Nothing wrong ever happened in China!

Wow, I didn’t think it could get worse than their last video. But it did. My expectations need some revision, guys.

A Black Person Answers . . . Buzzfeed’s 24 Questions Black People Have For White People

Goddammit, Buzzfeed. I like your videos sometimes. This is just stupid though. Maybe if they were all tongue-in-cheek like the first question about scary movies this video would actually be funny, but it’s not. It tries to be serious. And to do the obligatory pointing out of the obvious, the double standard here is . . .  obvious. I doubt Buzzfeed is going to make “24 Accusatory/Villainizing Questions White People Have for the Coloreds” any time soon.

Let’s just get this over with.

Media and Culture

Why do you always make such horrible decisions in horror movies? It’s not cool to split up.

I agree! Seriously, white people. Paranormal Activity 5 even showed us what would happen if a bunch of Mexicans got haunted by that demon instead of you. Guess what? They’d shoot it and leave. Because we don’t fuck with ghosts and shit. Because we are smart.

2.) Why do you freak out when black people are cast to play white fictional characters?

I know non-white people, myself included, who fucking hate it when this happens. It’s counter productive. Does arbitrarily changing a pre-established character to be black “just because we needed one of those” really something that makes you identity politicos happy? Shouldn’t you be asking for more black characters to be created instead of just taking a character of another race and changing it because you feel like it?

When you do that, that newly “blackenized” character will be nothing but “the black X.” It’s not like the comic book reboot where Miles Morales is the new Spiderman. Miles Morales is a totally different character. They didn’t just make Peter Parker black out of nowhere and call anyone who complained racist. That changed character will never be their own character. Is that what you want? When you change a character’s race just because “we need diversity,” it doesn’t indicate that you are for having more racially diverse characters, it indicates that you just want less white ones. Equality . . . ? I would actually be okay with cross racial casting if the reasoning behind it was something other than “we just need one of those.” DC films casting Aquaman as a POC, for instance, I’m fine with – that casting had actual reasons to do with character perception and narrative. “Diversity!!11@1!!” is not a reason.

Why do POC freak out when a white person plays an originally non-white character in a movie? Oh yeah, because it’s racist.

What’s the big deal if Idris Elba plays James Bond?

Seeing as how the role of James Bond is always changing actors and I personally buy into the fan idea that James Bond is just a code name for multiple agents over the years, this is actually one of the few race changes I’d be okay with. James Bond just needs to be British. Idris Elba is British. Have at it. I already mentioned in another post why I think it’s weird that it’s only ever black people mentioned here. Where are all the people wondering why James Bond isn’t Chinese?

Why is a big butt and big lips considered attractive on a white woman, but they’re considered unattractive on a black woman?

Oh no, different things are considered appealing on different types of people? And that usually–as a result of stupid cultural beauty standards–entails something that that person isn’t naturally born with? It’s almost like how lots of people think black women are really attractive with light hair even though that’s almost never a natural hair color for black girls! But that would be appropriating white people . . . I guess.

Do you really think Miley was the one who created twerking? Really?

Why am I supposed to teach you how to twerk? I don’t know how to twerk.

Why do you want twerking?! It’s dumb. And everyone knows that Miley didn’t create fucking twerking. She popularized it. You know, the way Disney popularized fairy tales even though everyone knows they didn’t make those fairy tales. Maybe if there wasn’t a stereotype about white people not knowing how to dance, they wouldn’t ask you to teach them how. But stereotypes are fine when you’re indulging in them whilst making fun of Miley Cyrus, right?

Why is it that white people always act like they have “discovered” a new trend when people of color have been doing it for virtually years?

Because . . . they have? That’s how trends work, dude. They go on for a while as something only a small group of people does, then they get popular for some reason, then everyone else starts doing it. It’s like everyone all of a sudden loving Ed Wood films 40 years after they were made or Pokemon only getting popular after it came to America even though it existed years before that. Or man buns! Those are everywhere now even though I’m sure hippies were wearing their hair like that for years already. And this isn’t just “white people.” You do realized that black people are part of mainstream culture too, right? You do realize that there are plenty of trends that started in majority white spaces–like the man bun again? You just sound like a fucking hipster whose pissed off that Bright Eyes are more popular now because you can no longer feel special about knowing who they are.

Why is it when a black woman wears her hair natural, it’s seen as inappropriate, but when a white woman does, it’s praised?

This is the hair that I was born with, so you wearing it as a trend is not cute.

Where has this idea come from? I wear my hair naturally. It’s pretty much an afro. I’ve never gotten in trouble for it. And I’m pretty sure that, if this does happen, it’s not because you’re black, it’s because black people’s natural hair tends to be very big and most work places aren’t all that fond of 80s big hair anymore. One of my white friends had super-long and super-thick hair that she constantly got in trouble for because it was like a fucking lion’s mane. It went everywhere all the time. She got in trouble for her hair more than I did.

And what is even with that second one? So . . . you have a certain trait naturally, so other people who like that trait and think it’s pretty just aren’t allowed to have it because that’s not how God made them, I guess? Someone call up all the black girls straightening their hair and dying it other colors. That’s the hair my Scandinavian friend was born with, and you wearing it because you “like how it looks” is not cute. That goes doubly for any of you coloreds who even think that you can wear color contacts. Don’t think I’m being racist. White people, don’t you dare go to a tanning salon. That warm summer glow is just not for you, my friends. Someone was born with that skin tone already, so the world is all out of it right now.

Can you appropriate my student loans? Can you take that off my hands?

I’m pretty sure that most white people who went to college have student loans. Also, how the fuck is hair a culture? Something . . . existing a certain way doesn’t make it a culturally significant thing. That’s like saying people who get nose jobs to have a higher bridge are appropriating Greco-Roman culture because that’s the nose lots of Greek people naturally have! Also dying your hair red is appropriating Scot-Irish culture because lots of Scot-Irish people have red hair! What? Just what.

Why is it that white people committing crime is seen as an isolated incident but black crime is a reflection of my entire community?

Because the entire South isn’t demonized for being full of violent hillbillies and racists or anything. White trash people are judged at all for the crimes of their white trash brothers. Also, “black crime” is often concentrated in certain areas known to be dangerous and is often facilitated through majority black gangs, with gang-related, territory-based crime generally being the kind of crime reported on. Meanwhile, the “white crime” usually reported on tends to be lone actors without larger affiliations or gang crime with less defined territories. “Black crime” is often tied to the politics of communities those black people are in whereas “white crime” (at least the violent kind) is not or is more widespread and thereby is difficult to tie to one place. White gangs tend to move around. That’s kind of just how it played out.

When I see a story about a white person who is a serial killer, I don’t automatically think that all white people are serial killers too.

Good for you? I don’t think the average white person thinks all black people are thugs either. Not even in those high profile cases of “black crime.” You are generalizing and you know it. Also, I don’t buy that you don’t do this seeing as how it’s always someone like your lot who loves to point out how most school shooters are white kids to make a point about “whiteness” is connected to violence. But remember, racially profiling crimes is bad!

Talking about Race

Why does talking about race make you feel so uncomfortable?

Maybe it’s because it’s been drilled into their heads that they are inherently racist and therefore their opinion of race is undoubtedly tainted by their privilege and therefore not relevant to the conversation because “we’ve heard their racist opinion before.” And then if they get past that mental road block, they have to concede every point of the “conversation” to the black person otherwise be deemed a racist who doesn’t recognize their privilege. Maybe that’s why?

Is it because you’ll be perceived as racist if you talk about race?

FUCK YES that is their reason. A white person can’t accidentally look at a black person for too long without it being perceived as racist. Why would they want to actively talk about it? And it’s all about perception. It doesn’t matter if they’re actually racist if a black person makes that accusation. They just are.

You don’t really believe that racism is over because we have a black president, do you?

No. Racism will always exist. The question isn’t, “Does racism still exist?” The question is, “Is racism still a major societal problem?” And I would argue that it isn’t. Obama being black doesn’t mean that there are no more racists in America, but it does mean that society as a whole isn’t racist, not even “subconsciously biased,” seeing as how they voted in a black man to the highest government office twice. Society as a whole is not as racist as lots of people like to insist that it is. Certain subsections and institutions of it, perhaps, but not society.

Why is it so easy for you to notice when there are no white people around, but you hardly notice when there are no black people around?

This is an awesome time for me to ask you guys something! How the fuck do you know what white people think? How do you know what they notice? How do you know what they want? Would you appreciate someone assuming all of these things about you?

To answer the question: People tend to notice when they stick out like a sore thumb. If you are the only person who looks like you–this isn’t just race–in a room, you will probably be well aware of that. The other way around though? Why is that worth taking a mental note of? It’s not just something that plagues white people. That is something that all people do. Or do you go to your POC events and actively notice that there are no Asians?

Why is your goal to be color blind?

Being “color blind” doesn’t mean that you don’t notice someone’s race. It means that you notice it and don’t care or let that effect how you actively judge them as a person. And that seems fine by me. That’s what I try to do. But identity politic nutjobs would have you believe that someone’s race is inherently attached to their character and that their character cannot and should not be assessed without making sure that their race plays a huge part in it. Judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin is stupid.


Why do you want to say “the n-word” so badly?

If I don’t use it, why do you think you can?

You mean’nigger’? It’s a fucking word. Just say it. It’s not like saying it is going to summon Voldemort.

Also, people tend to want to do something when someone else tells them that they absolutely, cannot, 100% under any circumstance ever do it. Especially if the reason is all about how “it’s racist” when they know for a fact that they wouldn’t say it to be racist. But I forgot, intention doesn’t matter at all in these circles. Making something taboo makes people want to indulge in it more. It’s why twelve-year-olds sneak a can of beer into their room to try because they got yelled at for wanting to drink it once. It’s why abstinence only education doesn’t work. It’s why telling people not to click this link will make them want to click it more.

And white people don’t want to say ‘nigger.’ I am fairly sure that they don’t. They want the freedom to say what they want, and they don’t like being told that they–and them specifically–are not allowed to say something no matter what. I tell my white friends that they can say ‘nigger’ around me because it’s a word and words only have the power that you give them. If they don’t say ‘nigger’ as a slur, then it’s not a slur. And it shouldn’t be treated as a slur in that case. But even after being given express permission to say ‘nigger,’ even my white friends who were openly wondering why they couldn’t say it didn’t want to say it when I gave them the chance to. It’s not people just wishing their hearts out that it was more socially acceptable to say all the racist things they’ve been secretly thinking all these years and desperately wanting to use slurs. It’s people not wanting their language policed by forces who do not and will not take their intents into account when judging them for it.

Why do you always want to touch our hair?

Who told you it was okay to touch people without their permission?

Anyone who touches you without permission is violating basic rules of personal space and is wrong for that reason, not because they’re racist. Any adult who does this just wasn’t socialized properly. The only time this has happened to me is in elementary school with other eight-year-olds. When I’m in Japan, people ask to touch my hair a lot because they’ve never seen naturally curly hair before. I went to get my hair cut once and the girls who worked there freaked out. Fun fact: That also consistently happens at American salons. Hair dressers love my hair for some reason. I can understand it being annoying when people touch you without asking, but what if they do ask? Is that wrong? Curiosity isn’t a sin. This also doesn’t just happen to black people ‘because they’re black.’ Lots of people wanted to touch my tattoos while I was in Japan as well because tattoos aren’t very common over there. If you have a unique trait that people aren’t familiar with, them being curious about it isn’t bad.

Why do you feel like having one black friend makes you a cultural expert or not a racist?

And I take it that you are a cultural expert on white people seeing as how you’re making all these assumptions? As tired as the “I’m not racist, I have a black friend,” line is, it does kind of have a point. You don’t see members of the Klan hanging out with Omar on the weekends.

Is your only black friend comfortable being the reason why you cannot be a racist?

I really love how it’s taken for a given here that the white person is question is in fact a racist, they’re just denying it. It’s not like they’re actually not a racist or anything and being accused of being one befuddled them so much that they felt the need to state the obvious and say that they hang out with black people who they don’t hate. Nah, that proves nothing.

By that logic, then I’m not racist, I have a ton of white friends.

Did you just admit to being racist? How very self aware of you.

Why do you feel comfortable cursing at your parents?

My parents are white. I almost bit my own tongue off once because I was about to say the word ‘shit’ in front of my mom and tripped over myself to change it last second. Next.

Why do you kiss your dogs on the mouth?

A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, you judgmental ass. Why don’t black people like to go swimming? You know, since we’re asking pointless questions at this point.

How come you can’t pronounce black names like Quavonjionay . . .

Gonna be honest here, guys. I cannot spell that name. Quavonjine? Q’Vongine? I don’t know. What, were DaBrigashawn and LaVarius too normal for you? Also, you do know that black people don’t have to be named shit like TaRevica right? There are black people named Kevin.

But can say names likes “Schwarzenegger”, “Galifinakis”, and “LeBouf” just fine?

Because those are the names of famous people and therefore part of common household vernacular? Also, people mispronounce all of those names all the time, even with those names being more well known. I don’t get your point here. Can you effortlessly pronounce and spell “white people names” that aren’t fucking famous? Here’s my Polish friend’s last name: Blaszkiewicz. Yep. No white person is going to have trouble with that. How about this Nigerian last name that I’m sure you, as a black person, will have no issue with: Onwuatuegwu.

Black Lives Matter

Why do you feel like all lions’ lives matter, but black lives don’t?

Why is a lion’s life in Africa more important than the lives of black people here in America? What did Simba ever do for you?

Wow, this is super dated already. This is a logical fallacy. It’s taking two totally separate events that aren’t in any way framed as being related and then talking about them as if they were related and everyone knew that. Using this logic, people care more about panda bears than breast cancer. Because when you take two totally separate occurrences and see the two totally separate reactions to them, oh, would you look at that, people seem to care more about the bears. As it turns out, when you actually frame the issue correctly to make this fucking judgement and asked poeple directly what was more important, pandas or cancer, everyone unanimously agrees that breast cancer is more important. I’m pretty sure the same can be said for this lion situation. But if we actually did that, we wouldn’t be disingenuous, and being disingenuous is what we here at Modern Social Activism live for.

Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge your privilege?

Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge your privilege? See how easy that was? If you don’t see it or deny having it, it’s just because you, in all of your privilege, are blind to it! Oh, isn’t social justice fun? Making egregious assumptions about someone based solely on their race and how good I personally think it has made their life in comparison to mine is awesome!

How does it feel to not be the spokesperson for you entire race at any given time?

Must be nice.

Didn’t all of you agree to do this video where you actively speak for all black people? Being a spokesperson for you race can’t be that bad. Is this ironic? “Oh, doesn’t it suck having to do this thing that I agreed to do and am perfectly fine with doing?”

I can’t wait for this kind of mentality to DIE.

Feminism, Twitter, and You

I’d say that I hate Buzzfeed, but that would be inaccurate. What, am I supposed to be productive on the internet instead of spending two hours taking arbitrary quizzes about how well I know miscellaneous song lyrics and what kind of chocolate filling I would be (It’s coconut, by the way, guys. I’m coconut.)? No. I am not. And Buzzfeed is there for me in that regard.

It also provides a constant stream of unabashed feminist viewpoints for me to rant at if I so choose. I’m perfectly okay with a website being overtly feminist, I’m just saying that I would take what Buzzfeed had to say about how women are objectified at every turn a bit more seriously if they didn’t also provide a constant stream of unashamedly male objectifying articles (butts vs. bulges, really?), seemingly without any notice of the irony. That beings said, look what Buzzfeed gave me! It’s like my internet birthday.

So, feminists started a Twitter hashtag called #QuestionsForMen, which was meant to illuminate instances of every day sexism. It’s totally un-ironic. That name is imprinted deep in the depths of its little hasthtag soul. I’m just going to ignore the fact that if said gender generalization had been flipped the other way around and this was #QuestionsForWomen people would have a conniption fit, but whatever. Twitter always has intelligent things to say and is awesome at facilitating intelligent, two-way conversations to build understanding. Let’s go.

It started with this Tweet by Daily Life writer Clementine Ford (I sincerely hope that that is a pen name):

Question to the male writers/speakers etc out there. Is it common for you to be called an ‘attention seeker’? Or do just women get that?

Buzzfeed goes on to say that this is a common statement that she gets about her writing, which I would initially say wasn’t fair. But then I remembered that I’m o a computer, so I popped on over to Daily Life to see what Ms. Ford is up to, and yeah. I can see why people call you that. When you write an article called “Misandry Island: This is What a Feminist Utopia Would Look Like,” nah duh people are going to accuse you of just wanting more attention. Also, the majority of her articles are feminism-centric, one of the most attention-whorish topics you could conceivably write about. I know that–I write about feminism to get attention too. It’s not like doing something for attention is inherently bad. And artists/writers/politicians get accused of this all the time. JK Rowling going to the press to talk about how she’s releasing an 1200 word long Word Document of supplementary material on a minor Harry Potter character is just doing it for attention, because being relevant is fun.

Also, I don’t know why she’s gendering this issue, as if male writers never have to deal with people calling them hacks. Have you been on Cracked lately? That website has taken a weirdly social justice oriented turn as well, most of the articles about it being written by men, and the commentators do not hesitate to point out that they’re just doing it for more clicks because “7 Reason Why [Insert Thing I Know You Love Here] Is Inarguable and Horrible Because Its Sexist” is a click bait title with oftentimes poorly thought out, click bait content. So in short: You write for the internet, get over it.


: When you have a hostile disagreement with someone, is it common for them to say you’re angry because no one will fuck you?

Um, I don’t have a dick or anything, but I’m fairly sure the “You need to get laid.” card is fairly common fair for anyone looking to be condescending toward someone else, with gender being secondary. I’ve heard guys tell this to girls and girls tell this to guys and girls tell this to other girls and guys tell this to other guys. It’s a common mean thing to say. Calm down.


In a job interview have you ever been asked how you will juggle work and home?

Okay, I’ll give you this one. I doubt men are asked this just as often as women are. I personally have not been asked this before in an interview, but I can see why other women would have been. Even so, can you just not come up with a good answer for this? It’s a question in an interview. Does being asked this compel you to jump up on your could-be-employer’s desk and start ranting about micro-aggressions? It doesn’t seem like this is a question that should hold you back too terribly much. I know I’m one of those self-hating woman misognists who gets why employers don’t want to hire women who plan to have children from a strictly logical standpoint, but I don’t see how this is anything more than something that maybe annoys you when it happens. If you answer this question by saying “I want to start a family within the next five years,” that essentially translates to, “I plan to be gone for long stretches of time and most likely unable to do the same quantity of work as other colleagues who don’t have so many other responsibilities.” Once again, you don’t have the right to live in a world where no one even mildly annoys you ever, for gendered reasons or not. And if this is the hot button topic of feminism nowadays–what slightly more gendered than usual questions do interviewers ask you sometimes–I’d say your life is pretty good.


Would u be comfortable w only women weighing in on the debate about your productive organs? Or proposing policy/law re: it?

I am completely and utterly, 100% comfortable with only men weighing in on the debate about my productive organs . . . as long as the majority of those men agree with me. To flip it around, I definitely would not be comfortable in any way with a panel about my reproductive organs being lead by Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and that one crazy bitch whose campaign ads are all about how she castrated hogs on a farm. I believe I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Demographics does not representation make. It doesn’t matter what demographics they are as long as they have the same ideas as you. Once again, this totally bypasses the fact that most of the the birth control/abortion laws liberals like were also voted in by majority/all male legislatures. But when the guys are agreeing with you, them having a dick isn’t a hindrance to their decision making skills and empathy, I guess.


Have you ever expressed a strong opinion and been called a meninazi? @clementine_ford

Yeah, you’re not going to be called a feminazi (which is an outdated term that only idiot MRAs call anyone anymore) if you express a strong opinion about very certain topics–that topic being feminism. Just like how someone with really strong opinions about how their religion is the one true religion is called a “fundie,” and people who have strong opinions on prescriptive language are called “grammar Nazis.” As it turns out, having strong opinions that you give aggressive, abrasive voice to will get you called names a lot of the time. Are you called a feminazi for having strong opinions on how The LEGO Movie got snubbed at the Oscars? No. Because that doesn’t make sense. If you’re obnoxiously opinionated about anything, people are going to call you something negative–that something generally having something to do with the topic of your passion–and this is coming from someone who is obnoxiously opinionated about things.

“Meninazi” isn’t a term because “meninism” isn’t a thing. Obnoxiously opinionated MRAs are called “neckbeards” and “mansplainers.” I’m pretty sure obnoxiously opinionated feminists are called “feminazis” just because the ‘n’ in feminist flowed into that really well. Once again, calm down.


Have you ever read a thinkpiece by a respected female writer explaining why and how men aren’t funny?

Is this the Chris Hitchens “Women Aren’t Funny” thing? The thing that came out years ago and is officially a think piece written by a currently dead man who isn’t alive to oppress you with his mean ideas anymore? This is totally ignoring that said think piece sparked conversation on the topic for weeks (which is a thousand years in internet time), with most of the responses, from writers known and unknown, being overtly against what he had to say. You can’t just ignore the seeming majority of people who had an issue with what was said. Personally, I didn’t care. That was his opinion. People can have opinions, and at least he tried to explain his with evidence, unlike lots of the comments which essentially boiled down to “BUT TINA FEY.” And also, just thinking back on it, there aren’t that many women comedians who I personally find funny, so there’s that.


How does your wife feel about your career?

Huh? I don’t even get this one. Do people’s wives not ever voice their opinion about their job? Are wives not allowed to have opinions on this? People ask what your spouse thinks about your career and/or future prospect a lot, I’m pretty sure. So . . . moving on, I guess. Someone explain this to me.


have you ever had trouble breaking into your chosen field because it’s a ‘girl’s club?’

Any man who has ever wanted to be a teacher of any kind, or psychologist, or nurse, or English major, or fiction writer, or feminist activist for that matter can firmly answer “Yes.” to that question.


Are you glad you waited until you were established in your career before becoming a father?

Okay, I just think these job-centric ones confuse me. Are men not asked this? I’ve heard men be asked this. I just don’t know.


How often have you needed to lie and pretend you had a partner to try to stop someone hitting on you?

This is just an annoying sentiment. People (and people, not just women) say “Oh, I have an ____friend,” to someone who is pursing them because it’s the nice, tactful thing to do. Straight up saying, “I am not interested in you, leave me alone.” is generally considered to be a little harsh for the situation. It’s not because “Oh, this woman is owned by another man, therefore I must respect my fellow dick-haver’s property.” It’s because human tact is a thing. It’s the same things as saying “Sorry, I’m busy” instead of just turning someone down when they ask you on a date.


have you even been judged on the length of your pants?

Men and women look different. I know, it’s a surprise. Take a few seconds to just let that sink in, I know it’s a surprise. Because the genders look different, different aspects of their bodies are considered attractive and/or sexual. A woman’s legs are considered an attractive element of her body whereas a man’s legs generally are not. Therefore, when a woman shows her legs, it is considered to be more attractive than when a man does because the legs are generally not considered to be a sexy party of a man. Men get things like abs and shoulders and jawlines and cheekbones. Women get breasts and legs and mouths. All that being said, a man wearing shorts that are too short or bike shorts that fit very snugly is definitely going to be judged because a man’s dick is definitely one of the things people pay attention to.


when you achieve something great, do you expect the female reporter to say, ‘give us a twirl, who are you wearing?’

The ones on TMZ definitely will! Seriously, you don’t have to have a dick to be a dick. If a female reporter asked that, which is perfectly likely depending on who she writes for, would it be any less irrelevant?


Have you ever had to fight for a 10% share of the conversation with women who think that you’re actually taking 80% share?

I don’t even know what this means.


Has your body been compared to an unlocked car, wallet or other object that can be carelessly left unattended?

And you have proven that you woefully missed the point of those arguments. The argument is not that you are a carelessly unattended object that should be treated like an object, the argument is that naivete is bad. You are not being compared to an unlocked car, you are being compared to the human who doesn’t lock their car, which is a fair assumption.


Do you struggle to identify with playable male characters because they are hyper-sexualised objects of fantasy?

I don’t get this one. Most male playable characters in games are super, unrealistically hot objects of fantasy because video games are a fantasy medium. They women are hot, the men are hot. Why is playing an attractive male hero apparently also pandering to the male audience by giving them a fantasy body and not pandering toward the female audience at all, but when the female playable character is hot that’s somehow also only for the benefit of male players. This rhetoric about how everything in a video game is only for guys and none of it is for women utterly erases female gamers from the discussion. Also, if you struggle to identify with a character for the sole reason that they are too hot, that says more about your self esteem than the game you’re playing.


Are you able to watch shows with more than two men on the panel without it being dismissed as a men’s show?

Shows marketed at women aren’t “dismissed” as women’s shows, they’re just acknowledged as women’s shows. “The View” is for women. So is “Dr. Oz,” a show that mainly features men. Once again, acknowledging the demographics of a product does not mean that you are dismissing the people who are not in that demographic. “Teen Wolf” and “Vampire Diaries” have majority male casts and are dismissed as girls’ shows all the time. Also, there are plenty of “men’s shows” that are dismissed for being too testosterone laden the same way that there are plenty of women’s shows that get dismissed for being too estrogen filled.


Do you send your mates a message to let them know you’ve gotten home safely?

My guy friends do this sometimes when we know they’re going somewhere less-than-safe. So yeah, they do, when it’s appropriate.


How many times have you been told you’re “such an independent young man” like that shouldn’t just be a given.

You realize that there are different words for different things, right? Women get called “independent,” men get called “strong,” women get called a bitch, men get called an asshole. Just because independent is a word more applied to women than men, that doesn’t automatically mean sexism is at play. Also, being independent isn’t a given, so there’s that.


Have you ever considered the advantages to be gained from signing your work using only your initials?

This doesn’t make sense purely because most authors are women and most publishing companies seem to like women more, especially for certain specific genres. This all just depends.


ever been called a ‘boy gamer’ while girls are just… Gamers?

There are plenty of women who like being called gamer girls, firstly. Secondly, I hear “gamer girl” more among people who aren’t gamers but who talk about gamers than among the gaming community itself.

Signing out.