The Covington Ordeal and “Trump’s America”

So . . . Trump 2020, right? I am absolutely positive of that. I am mostly positive. I am 75-80% positive. That’s a solid C+/B- grade’s worth of surety on the matter. If Bush could get re-elected even after we had definitive proof that the war he catapulted us into was bullshit and he was illegally spying on American citizens; and Obama can get re-elected after deporting, drone striking, and spying on more people than his evil Republican predecessor, Trump can get a second term too. Better the devil you know, I guess.

Besides just generally being an embarrassing jackass, Trump hasn’t really done anything worse or more scandalous than what the previous two presidents have already done. Yes, he’s had plenty of scandals and plenty of shitty policies that, in a better world, would make him a one-term president. But if 21st century American politics has taught me anything, it’s that neither of those things matter as long as you manage to be more charming than the other guy once presidential debate season swings back around.

This is where I rant about the left wing.

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?! You’ve had so many chances, so many opportunities. The 2016 presidential election should have been gift wrapped for you. And after you dropped that ball entirely by placing the fate of the election in the hands of a shameless corporate shill who not even other Democrats liked, the proceeding years of Trump’s America *insert thunder clap* should have been easy to critique. It should have been easy to rise above the turmoil as the obviously saner and more competent group of people. Looking better than compulsive braggart Trump and corporate apologist, moralizing Republicans should have been the easiest thing you’ve ever had to do. I don’t get how you managed to fuck this up at all, let alone how you managed to fuck it up this bad. I just don’t. I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I am having a fucking aneurysm over how much your collective stupidity just doesn’t compute in my brain.

So Covington. You know what it is. I don’t need to go over. What I am going to go over is the fallout and how said fallout is indicative of a social climate that all but guarantees Donald Trump a place in the white house until 2024. Not just that, though: I don’t want to be overly hyperbolic, but I don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions when I say that the political polarization in the United States is not going to suddenly get better after God Emperor Donny Trump is out of office. I wouldn’t be surprised if we went the route of Japan, a country that has operated under a nearly uninterrupted 50+ year period of overtly right-wing governance after increasingly extremist, post-war left-wing activism ruined the reputation of the Japanese Socialist party and any party that considered itself liberal.

This is such a maddening time for me and anyone who considers themselves left-leaning because these past three years have done nothing but prove repeatedly, time and time again, that a prominent portion of the left wing has gone fucking nuts, and I am afraid we’re not going to recover from this tarnished image for quite some time. In the case of the Covington kids: They gave Trump’s empty buzzword further validity by spreading genuine “fake news” because that lie propagated their own sociopolitical insistence that white people (and Trump supporters, which they treat as synonymous) are evil racists. And when it was made immediately apparent that their commentary on the Covington kids was an outright lie (up to and including them utterly ignoring the actually confirmed evidence of the Black Isrealites spouting racism, because that brand of racism didn’t help the narrative) they quietly apologized in a way that no one noticed. In the meantime, the good, compassionate liberals reacted so reasonably to the bias-confirming fake news that the kids’ high school had to shut down under threats of violence. The kids in the video got doxed under the pretense of violence being done to their person now that we know who they are and where they live.

When people had to finally begrudgingly acknowledge that they fell victim to a fake news story, instead of genuinely admitting fault or doing literally anything reasonable, the good, compassionate liberals essentially just rose up and said in a united voice, “Yeah, well, they might not have actually done the thing we were calling for violence against them over. But look at them! They still deserve to be put under constant threat of violence because they just seem like racists, don’t they? And they’re probably also a bunch of budding rapists, too. I bet they are. Just look at them. I think maybe another kid who wasn’t a part of their group said a racist thing while they were standing in the general vicinity. So go ahead and punch them–they’re wearing MAGA hats! They did or will do something wrong.”

This is the rhetoric of a party that has lost the plot. It’s the rhetoric of a party that has lost all sense of honor or consistency. Even when our perceived opponents haven’t done anything wrong, they’ve done something wrong. Even when we’re wrong, we’re right. And since we’re always right, we can treat the people who are always wrong any way we want because we’re on “the right side of history.”

If something similar had happened, just the other way around–the MAGA hat crowd deciding to dox and call for violence against a minor who had differing political opinions–it’d be called a horrible symptom of bigotry and hatred and “Trump’s America.” I know that because something similar did happen: the conservative rhetoric surrounding the Parkland kids, and how ill-advisedly hateful and ad hominem the attacks against them were. The difference between the two situations, though, is that the Parkland school kids are at least willingly putting themselves in the public eye, while the Covington school kids just so happened to be the victims of a viral video campaign designed to defame them even if it wasn’t accurate. The same people making impassioned pleas about how “you shouldn’t be going after kids because you disagree with them” are the ones justifying fake news and calls to violence as long as the kids involved just look punchable.

In my opinion, this is the incident that lost the left our next presidential election. It’s the incident that proved to the rest of the country that the left doesn’t care about “fake news” if it’s fake news that supports their own hatred of the other. It’s the incident that proved that they are willing to justify horrible behavior against people who don’t deserve it–minors at that–as long as they’ve decided that the people represent something bad and should therefore be made an example of. It’s the incident that proved that they will find some reason to think you’re a deplorable and treat you accordingly even if they are proven to be wrong.

I hope you guys love ranting about the horrors of living in “Trump’s America,” because you’ve pretty much just guaranteed four more years of it thanks to your blind hatred of everyone you’ve deemed to be “part of the problem.”


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