Apple’s Chief of Diversity is #Woke (and gets Forced to #Apologize)

This will be a quick look at the comments made by Apple’s chief of diversity, Denise Young Smith. At a conference, she made the following statement:

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.”

If we’re going to have a “diversity officer” for anything, this is the mentality I’d like for that person to have. It is a mentality that places emphasis on life experience and personal background over surface demographics. She doesn’t once say in that statement that she’s against hiring women or people of color, as her detractors have been claiming; she simply states what should be common sense by saying people with different experiences and perspectives are also different.
This is common sense. You can get a black woman, an ambiguously brown trans person, a gay white guy, and a black man in a room together and that would be demographically diverse, yes. But if they’re a bunch of upper middle class borderline yuppies who all have the same general sociopolitical belief system and opinions, then that’s not intellectually diverse at all. I will repeat this over and over again until I’m blue in the face: demographics don’t mean anything when it comes to representation. Do you think these same people hemming and hawing over “diversity” would be happy with a think tank made up of Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Anne Coulter, Condoleezza Rice, Shelby Steele, Ivanka Trump, and Dinesh D’Souza? That group is super diverse! It should be awesome! It should represent all the minorities! What? You don’t like it because all those women and LGBT and POC people are conservatives?
In the corporate sense that “diversity” is supposed to be something that brings in innovation and new ideas, it seems like bringing in people who actually have new ideas should be the most important element of “diversity.” This is not an idea that excludes non-white people or women. Those two groups can be intellectually diverse too. It seemed like she only used the “blond-haired, blued-eyed white guy” analogy as a means of calling attention to the current rhetoric of what groups are or are not inherently “diverse,” not as a means of saying she prefers Aryan guys above everyone else. It’s really indicative of the leftist mentality that just mentioning white guys in a non-disparaging light is grounds for an apology. It’s also pretty indicative of their mentality that they either think a.) minority groups can’t be intellectually diverse or b.) that it doesn’t matter if they are.
This makes even less sense when you consider that Apple hires on an international level, meaning that a room with a Swede, a German, an Argentine, a South African, an Australian, and American, and Iranian, a Ukrainian, a Kurd, a Russian, a Brazilian, and a Canadian apparently wouldn’t be a diverse group if all those people also happened to be pale dudes. Just, what?
For going totally off the reservation, she of course had to apologize for being “racially insensitive.” For some background, she has worked at Apple since 1997 as an upper-mangagement talent scout and HR leader and has only very recently taken up the mantle of “president of inclusion and diversity.” I would bet my next paycheck that she wasn’t overly excited about the promotion but got pigeon-holed into this relatively new position because she’s a black woman. She’s a black woman, by the way, which makes her comments and common sense all the sweeter; and which makes the fact that she was forced to apologize all the more indicative of a left-wing that’s slowly destroying itself Oroborus-style. Screw the black businesswoman whose had an important position of corporate power for 20 years, focused entirely on recruitment and human relations. She knows nothing about building an effective workforce!
It’s gotten to the point where “progressive” ideologues are no longer operating under the pretense of supporting minorities. Just the minorities who agree with them. On the one hand, I’m glad they’re being open about it, but on the other hand, it’s not a very good long-term game plan.
I actually don’t feel all that bad for Denise Young Smith. At least not right now. If she loses her job or gets her name dragged through the mud, she’ll have my sympathy. As of right now, though, she seems to know what she doing. If you use your handy, dandy Corporate Passive Aggression -> Normal English translator, her “apology” is essentially her calling the people who wanted her to apologize stupid, so it’s not like she’s back-pedaling on her statement. It’s actually rather funny.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s Chief of Diversity is #Woke (and gets Forced to #Apologize)

    • Aw, I was hoping it’d be Redthony Pladtano.

      As a general rule, I don’t like Piers Morgan even when I agree with him. He just seems more concerned with being “provocative” than actually adding anything of substance. But, yeah, I disagree with the video here. His entire argument is pretty much “history makes it bad, and you can’t disassociate yourself from that history, so no context is appropriate to say this word because it will always have that baggage even if you don’t personally feel that it does. So just don’t do it.” And that’s just not how language works. There are plenty of words with modern day meanings that have distanced themselves from their historical contexts, and “nigger” is one of them given how it’s now only a slur when *certain people* say it.

      No, this isn’t me saying that you can say whatever and expect no one to get offended; this is me saying that you can’t project your own opinion of word usage onto someone when you don’t know what their perspective on that word is. You being offended is fine. You have every right to be. But that doesn’t me that they are intentionally or objectively being offensive. In the case of slang and profanity and slurs, context and individual intention actually do matter quite a lot. I don’t think “crap” is a bad word, but I will gasp in shock if I hear one of my Mormon friends say it because context!

      The fact that we are arguing about “the n-word” still, perpetually, until the end of time is proof enough that there are multiple ways the word is viewed and multiple ways it is used and multiple opinions on how and why it should be used; at that point, you can’t just assume that everyone is conforming to your particular POV that affirms that it’s offensive in , X, Y, Z cases but not offensive in A, B, C cases. His assuming that everyone agrees that “nigger” is offensive “because history” and that people just want to ignore what they already know to be true by saying the objectively bad word anyway doesn’t do much to progress the conversation.

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