Political Compass Result Dump

Hey, guys! I was extremely bored and suffering from a bout of post-work insomnia. So I took every single pseudo-legitimate political compass test that my single Google search could muster and made a collage of the results. I’m not really a fan of any of the tests I took–I don’t tend to like the Agree/Disagree scale most often used for political compass tests, and the ones with more specific answers are oftentimes worded very oddly. That being said, a “write your political views in this box here” test wouldn’t be much of a poll, and it would royally suck to code in the answers for anything resembling an accurate result for anyone but the most stereotypical of political actors.

So, here is my collage. As you can see, I fall pretty squarely in the “liberal” category, give or take a few minor fluctuations. I decided to put this here to counter the notion that anyone who disagrees with progressives is “alt-right” by default, or even a vague Nazi. It also counters the increasingly more popular idea that people with my general political tastes are all secretly right-leaning libertarians or moderate conservatives just hiding behind a liberal label. No. I’m pretty much a liberal. If random quizzes on the internet say so, it must be definitive.



So legit, so lefty.


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