Is it Okay to Punch Nazis?


To quickly comment on a few points:

A.) I don’t even think Richard Spencer counts as a Nazi. From what I’ve seen, Neo-Nazis don’t even like him. So there’s that. There are different brands and subsections of white nationalism, and some of them aren’t even overly malicious or hateful (even though I think they’re dumb). But I guess we’re just going with the tried-and-true, catch-all insult of “Nazi” without any further elaboration. That works too.

B.) Lots of very intelligent people think this is great, and I’m just confused. You’re essentially saying that it’s okay to use violence against someone as long as you think that they are a douchebag. And in this case, Spencer wasn’t even doing anything, so it takes it a step farther and says totally unprovoked violence is fine as long as someone has a reputation for being more of an asshole than they’re currently being. Do you not think that sets a really bad precedent? No one? It’s just awesome? No conversation to be had? Okay.

By the way, if you’re going to run up to someone and sucker punch them, don’t run away immediately afterwards like a pussy. If you want a physical fight so badly that you start one yourself, you better fucking stay for it.

C.) If you’re one of the people who thought this was just awesome, you have no leg to stand on when it comes to getting mad at Richard Spencer’s supporters for wanting the guy who physically assaulted him to get in trouble. “We have to protect this brave hero from Nazis” my ass. If a right-winger had gone up out of nowhere and punched a prominent radical-left, Communist political figure in the face, you guys would be up-in-arms, talking about how this is unacceptable behavior and just proves how bad and violent “they” are. But when we act this way, it’s cool, right? We’re the ones with good reasons. ‘Cause no one else has ever used this exact same thought process to justify doing awful things.

D.) Can you really, really, really stop with the trivialization of the word “violence.” All your talk about how “violent ideas/speech” warrants physically violent responses is actually getting to be scary at this point. Call me crazy, but I’m not a fan of self-proclaimed leftists marching around talking about how physical force against people who commit bad enough thought crimes is fine. I’m not a fan of it at all, really.

I’ll leave you with a quote and call it a day: “Always forgive your enemies-nothing annoys them so much.” -Oscar Wilde


4 thoughts on “Is it Okay to Punch Nazis?

  1. It’s a bit scary,isn’t it? If you think about it,that really is the root of bigotry and hatred. Long ago the Nazis dehumanized people which is what made it possible for them to rationalize and justify violence. Here we are all these years later labeling people Nazis, as if that now dehumanizes them enough to rationalize violence.

    And radicalizing young men in the ME? Isn’t that the same thing,hyping them all up to go kill infidels? It’s always been the radicalization of people that has concerned me, the way our words write narratives and our narratives then rationalize who is going to be perceived as subhuman or not human. It;s scary because these things can be a like a powder keg, they can spread very quickly.

    • Yes, I’m getting increasingly turned off by otherwise pacifistic people popping up, willing to die on the hill of “violence against ‘the enemy’ is okay.” It really does just breed radicalization. They don’t seem to realize that they’re creating more right-wing extremists by the day, which is sad.

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