Donny Trump and the Leftist Witch Hunt

This will be a fairly brief little catch-up on the Donald Trump ordeal. I think I’ve made it fairly clear how I feel about the guy, but there’s just been so much stupidity all around that it warrants some acknowledgement.

How about a list? I’ll make a list. Ten points for the future!

1.) To my left-leaning brethren: hypocrisy doesn’t look good on anyone, and it sure as hell doesn’t look good on you. Saying “Trump supporters would have acted the same way if Clinton had won.” in no way justifies your current behavior. There’s also no indication that right wingers, who lost in landslide elections to a revolutionary and divisive candidate on the other side two times and did not act like this, would have acted like this had Trump lost. So even your useless hypothetical situation doesn’t hold much weight.

2.) To my right-leaning peeps: Trump actually can do wrong, and it’d do you some good to acknolwedge it. When Democrats never held Obama’s feet to the fire when it was needed, you had your panties all in a knot, so you better hold your candidates feet to the flames as well to avoid the aforementioned hypocrisy.

3.) To the lefties: I don’t give any fucks what celebrities think. Neither should you. Stop encouraging them. New York and Hollywood millionaires are about as relevant to and knowledgeable of the average American’s life as rich politicians are. No, a celebrity going up on stage and calling Trump a stupid doo-doo head is not fucking brave. It’s probably the least brave and least controversial thing someone can do at this point. Perhaps more importantly–stop going on witch hunts for any celebs who dare not hate Donald Trump with a burning passion. First you call Kanye West a race-traitor, then you socially lynch any performer who dared go within two feet of Trump’s inauguration and then act like it’s funny that his line-up is so small. Oh, I wonder why.

4.) To those on the right:  Stop acting like the president of the United States of America getting in petty and childish Twitter-spats with random celebrities is funny. He’s the goddamn president, and you of all people should be telling him to act like it.

5.) While we’re talking to the right: Stop throwing around the term “fake news” like it’s fucking confetti. No, I don’t expect Trump to just forget how media outlets like CNN and the Huffington Post were dead set on assassinating his character at every turn. That being said, there’s “fake news” and then there’s “holding the president of the United States accountable for shit.” And while left-leaning media has and still does throw an unprecedented amount of bullshit his way, the occasional bit of criticism leveled at him is actually legitimate. And tacking the term “fake news” onto every vaguely left-leaning commentator who dares say something bad about Trump does not help the situation for either side.

6.) While we’re on the topic of “fake news:” Leftists, stop giving the Trump-camp legitimate reasons to disregard every single thing you say as false. Yeah, I’m looking at you Buzzfeed, and your hard-hitting journalism releasing 35 pages of character assassinating bullshit so utterly inane that even CNN had to go out and say there was nothing to it. You’re only giving Trump and his “fake news” obsession more fuel when you go out of your way to slander the man by talking about patently false stories of his depravity over actually critiquing the things he actually does.

7.) To the alt-righters: White nationalism and ethno-states are not cool.

8.) To the lefties who think “conservative” and “alt-right” are synonymous: Racist white nationalism is what you get when you spend years and years telling white people to see themselves as a collective group that it’s okay to endlessly bash for having privilege and inherently racist thoughts. You encourage actual racism and actual, harmful racial collectivism. Congratulations.

9.) To my friends on the right: Use this as an opportunity to prove that the right has some legitimate points. Do not use it as an excuse to act with the same condescending authoritarianism that leftists have been acting with for the last eight years.

10.) And to my frenemies on the left: Trump is the president. Get over it. He’s not my first choice either. It’s gonna be awful hard to safeguard all those things you like when you refuse to be in the same room as the guy and hate-mob anyone who even suggests you should be trying to work with him.


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