10 Facts About Police Violence and Black Lives Matter

This will be less of a post and more of a bullet-point list to just lay out some objective facts. I’m really sick of talking about these people, and I’m sick of contributing to the media shit storm that encourages this behavior in future actors. So, here are some points, for anyone who wants to have actual arguments and not just emotional platitudes posted on Facebook to prove what a good person you are about “not wanting another one” and forming pseudo internet lynch mobs.

1.) Cops are more hesitant to shoot minority suspects – especially black ones – than they are white suspects in both simulated and real scenarios.

2.) Black people are killed disproportionately by the police based strictly off of the racial demographics of the country. BUT they are killed in proportion to the amount of violent crime that they commit, crime that would logically lead to black people having more potentially lethal physical confrontations with police officers.

3.) This is unlike white offenders who are the ones being killed disproportionately often once their death rates at the hands of cops are compared to the amount of violent crimes they commit. They have violently escalated physical confrontations with cops less, but are killed more.

4.) Looking strictly at the numbers, Latino men are the racial demographic whose lives we should be focusing on the most since it’s already very clear that people only give a damn about racialized violence and won’t get behind the defense of the homeless as disproportionate victims of police brutality.

(For points 2-4, you can find the racial demographics of crime on the FBI crime statistics page, publicly available to anyone who wants it.)

5.) Black Lives Matter is not a “movement of peace.” Where have I heard that knee-jerk insistence of civility before? You cannot make that claim after article after article, post after poststatement after statement, has been released by BLM activists and their stalwart supporters that overtly decry the promotion of peaceful protests as a racist concept that marginalizes ” real black activism in the face of oppression” and overtly encourage rioting and violent rhetoric as legitimate political action.

6.) Yes, Black Lives Matter as an official, concrete movement supports this type of extremism. The movement’s founding members who still play an integral part in its operations unashamedly idolize and cite as an inspiration a woman named Assata Shakur, a domestic terrorist. She’s quoted right there on the Black Live’s Matter homepage.

7.) Current police training de-emphasizes positive interactions and focuses on authority, leading to hostility. This becomes an issue when interacting with victims of crime (who are often treated in the same forceful manner as suspects/perpetrators) as well as non-violent offenders.

8.) Police have quotas for tickets, and sometimes arrest. These quotas directly affect station funding and individual pay. This is not the cops’ fault. When your funding depends on quotas, you go after people statistically more likely to be committing some kind of offense in this case — black people.

9.) This statistical likelihood is caused in large part due to the circle of poverty that affects low income communities of all races, but particularly the black community. Contributing largely to this is the black demographic’s large problem with teen pregnancy and single parent households that creates the social and psychological foundations for criminal behavior. 

10.) Young black men are in more danger around other young black men than the police. This is because gang violence rates as well as non-gang related interpersonal feuds fed largely by black parents/guardians/authority figures encouraging more aggressive behavior while bringing up their kids, a significant cultural difference from (financially well-off) white, Asian, and Hispanic parenting styles.

These are just ten points to help you have a more rounded view of an issue that has been boiled down by social media into “cops are racist and black people are being gunned down in the streets by white people.”


2 thoughts on “10 Facts About Police Violence and Black Lives Matter

    • I’d respond but I don’t know if you’re a red-blood Republican pissed off at my insinuation that our justice system insensitivizes race targeting and incompetence or a proud black man pissed off at my insinuation that internal issues within the black community also contribute to many violent police confrontations. “Fuck you” works as an insult, but doesn’t really help me know why you’re pissed, believe it or not.

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