My Voice on the Internet

Hey there, guys! As you may or may not know, I appeared on the Rubin Report as part of the show’s first go at fan interviews. I’m representing Japan and talking about Star Wars. Pretty typical stuff as far as conversations with me are concerned.

Recently, I did a fairly long podcast called Thought Criminals with three guys who were also on the Rubin Report fan show – Adam, Jean, and Kushal. It was quite the fun time, and took up multiple hours of our time. So go and have a listen, or, more realistically, treat it as background noise while you play knockoff Tetris on the internet.

That was really all I have to say. You can hear what I sound like now! Oooo, oh my God, somebody contain me before the world implodes with the sheer force of my internet presence, or something.  . . .


2 thoughts on “My Voice on the Internet

  1. I haven’t got all the way through the cast yet, but I just have to say: thanks for posting this, as I can finally read your blogs and hear the right voice in my head! (Until now I kind of had Ceara McCord’s voice reading your words out, which wasn’t a totally horrible match for cadence, but your overall tone is much less raw than hers.)

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