Regressives are Bullies, And They Know It

So, a video is going viral of two people at San Fransico State University harassing/assaulting a guy.  . . . Because he was committing the horrible crime of cultural appropriation. You guys already know how I feel about cultural appropriation as a concept (I think it makes little sense and is extremely entitled if you actually stop to think about what it entails). I’m not going to talk about why this random Califonia hippie was attacked. I’m going to talk about how.

The tactics you see in this video are ones you can spot in other videos. And all of them scream loud and clear that the SJW section of the left is not confident in the ideas they’re espousing as the Truths of Society. They’re not confident in those “truths” at all. I’m just going to break down why that is apparent.

1.) They go after people who haven’t done anything.

I don’t know if dreadlocks guy just got done burning a cross on someone’s lawn before the video was filmed, maybe he did. But from the looks of it, it seems like he was minding his own damn business, not bothering anyone, when these two heroes of social justice decided to harass him for having a hair style they didn’t like. That’s what this situation is. They didn’t like his hair, and that was all the reason they needed to gang up on him in an empty hallway. To “educate him,” I guess. Because everyone knows that people are really prone to listening to what you have to say when you yell it at them in public while calling them a bad person. Street preachers standing at the intersection calling people sinners for wearing tank tops can attests to how successful that method is.

This is where the reworking of language is actually dangerous. This random guy did nothing to these people, but just shuffle around some definitions, and him looking a certain  way is now violence. A white man with dreads is just a personification of white victimization against black bodies because “historic, institutionalized” racism makes it so. And when someone is being violent, well, the standards for how to deal with their offense are changed. How could this poor woman and her grinning crony react any other way when they, as people of color, were being attacked and victimized by this man? This man who decided to wear a certain hairstyle.

Under this logic, they can mistreat anyone they want, no matter if that mistreatment is warranted, because vague pervasive cultural problems make even the simplest and most benign actions an attack that needs to be fought against.

2.) They avoid debates.

Have you ever noticed that the leftist of this progressive/regressive variety don’t seem to like talking about their ideas? They like talking about their ideas with people who already agree with them. But, they’re never really up for debates, are they? They talk about their beliefs as long as they can talk at people, usually talk down. But they don’t have discussions actually explaining things. They just repeat some point of core dogma until the person they’re talking to stops asking for clarification.

The girl in this video confronted dreadlocks guy to “educate him,” and when he had the gall to actually ask questions and not just bow to her every demand automatically, her one point of brilliant explanation was “This hairstyle is mine.  . . Because it’s mine, because it’s mine.  . .” Brilliant. You learned him good, lass.

And he had pretty legit questions. She said that hairstyle was hers because dreads are Egyptian (which they aren’t, at least not exclusively), and he asked her if she was Egyptian. A question she wasn’t inclined to answer, with her instead asking him where Egypt was while becoming more physically aggressive and asking her crony friend for some scissors. She also didn’t reply to him asking why she had a right to tell him how to dress, by the way.

You see this everywhere in these circles- avoiding legitimate questions that have actual bearing on the proceedings in favor of beating around the bush by sticking to recycled talking points that they’re not used to people questioning. And you can tell they’re not used to people questioning them.

This is why Christina Hoff Sommers’ lectures had to come with safe spaces., if they  weren’t just flat out canceled. It’s why Steve Shives refuses to have actual debates with people who he knows disagree with him. It’s why Lauren Southern was assaulted at a slut walk when she questioned rape culture. It’s why the bitch in the SFU video resorted to pushing and shoving when she didn’t immediately get her way. These people are not interested in having actual discussions. They just want people to do what they say, when they say it.

3.) They are the aggressors, but they play victim.

This is pretty apparent at this point. There’s the SFU video, where she pushes and grabs him to stop him from leaving all while saying, “Stop touching me.” You saw it with Melissa “We need some muscle over here!” Click, whose students forced out a student reporter by making a wall and walking toward him while insisting that they weren’t touching him. You saw it with the other protestors there who devolved a peaceful protest by standing in the road and moving towards the cars that were trying to avoid them so that they could accuse the Dean of trying to hurt them.

You saw it with the women who assaulted Lauren Southern, who was just standing there holding a sign, who said Lauren made them feel victimized. How about the one men’s rights event that was somehow allowed to go down where the guy trying to attend tried explaining with actual reasons why he wanted to, and the wonderful feminist responded by screaming at him repeatedly that he was sexist scum? Then there’s the newest debacle on YouTube over that one black chick from MTV wondering to herself (and the people in charge of Patreon, of course) why someone who made two whole videos disagreeing with her was even allowed to make money on Patreon. She then proceeded to act the victim when people called her out on seemingly trying to make a man lose his job.

Dreadlocks guy in the SFU video is the most stereotypically obnoxious-seeming San Fran stoner DJ on the face of the planet. But credit where credit is due: he stayed calm through the whole thing. And good fucking thing he did, because if he had pushed her back or hit her or even called her a bad name, you can bet your ass that girl would be playing the victim right now. It’s just her poor luck that video evidence shows who the real victim and the real bully was.

And that is what they’ve devolved into at this point. Bullies. They used the “I’m not hitting you/Why are you hitting yourself?” tactic. They play the wounded gazelle whenever anyone tries to call them out on doing something wrong. They just expect people to do what they want and throw a hissy fit when they don’t automatically toe the line. They never try to defend themselves with actual arguments, preferring to just emotionally manipulate people. They insists that it’s okay to do all of this to people who have done nothing wrong because “they’re the real victim here.”

You can see it written all over that girl’s fucking face. Smiling while she bullied someone, because she knew she could get away with it, laughing with her friend who stood around doing nothing. Up until she realized that someone was filming her and she couldn’t lie about who was the victim, and that smile got wiped off her smug fucking face really quick. She’s like Draco Malfoy, reveling in the fact that Snape will punish Harry if Draco bullies him.

On behalf of all black women with big hair, I apologize for this nonsense.


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