A Very Disorderly Christmas!

Hey, guys! It’s Christmas time! AKA, the Annual End of the Year Possibly Winter Celebration Time Period . . . Or Not! I’m looking at you Korea.

This will not be a rant, instead, as a Christmas (or AEYPWCTPON) present to you, dear readers, I am going to post some of my favorite YouTubers whose content is similar to the content on my blog. In that way, you’ll hopefully find them interesting.

Now, you probably already know the Sargons and the Rubin Reports of the web, but here are a few lesser known but definitely worth subscribing to channels that discuss social justice and the “regressive left,” as they have been coined:

Ceara McCord: A wonderful lady with some of the best anti-feminist videos around. Go watch her video responding to Anita Sarkeesian’s F-bomb rant about how the world needs to change to get a good look.

Nicholas Goroff: A bit new to the whole video making thing, but he’s got the voice of an anime villain and is great, as a man who worked with unions and social rights groups, at detailing how social justice warriors have actually made social justice harder to fight for.

Professor Gad Saad: One of the few people actively within academia who is directly challenging the regressive left tendencies of academia. He is the Gad Father, so go watch his video on the Ostrich Effect and be made more optimistic about Western colleges.

Some Black Guy: He is some black guy, a vlogger, with only a handful of videos so far, but they’re pretty spot on. Look at his commentary on Black Lives Matter, for an example.

Mister Metokur aka The Internet Aristocrat: I feel like talking about this stuff is slowly killing his soul, but, hey, at least he makes delightfully snarky videos in the meantime. Check out his Tumblr-isms series, particularly the one on Ableism, if you want to hear a description of SJWs that hits the nail on the head.

And now, a song . . .


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

A vague (yet mighty) Patriarchy!

(Let’s hurry this along . . .)

Twelve men mansplaining,

Eleven damsels fainting,

Ten pointless protests,

Nine false statistics,

Eight pandering journalists,

Seven trigger warnings,

Six consent courses,

Five male feminists self-flagellating!!!

Four Islamophobes,

Three safe rooms,

Two male tears,

And a vague (yet mighty) Patriarchyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Merry Christmas, guys!


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