Responding to a Feminist “Poem” “About GamerGate” (Spoilers: It’s in No Way About GamerGate)

For the record, I’m totally ripping off TL;DR here. If you like me, you’ll probably like his YouTube channel. Go check it out.

So, here’s this video. Here’s a preemptive “I’m sorry” for assaulting your ears with this girl’s voice.

Yeah. Sorry.

Alright, I’m all for artsy beat poems that rely more on hiphop-esque flow and intonation than rhyming, but why is it that every social justice beat poem I’ve heard has been utter shit? It’s not like you can’t talk about social problems in a beat poem that doesn’t rhyme (the one about childhood bullying that circulated the internet a while ago made me cry the first time I heard it, and one of my favorite poems is The Hollow Men which is the most unashamedly un-rhyming beat-poetry inspired thing ever). I think the issue is that social justice poems take universal issues of the human experience and paint them to be solely the problem of whatever -ism it is they’re fighting against. If a typical sjw wrote that bullying poem, it would have been all about how bullying girls is wrong because it’s misogynist, and it would include many snickering comments directed at men making fun of the idea that they are bullied too. They would have taken the line “How can you hold your ground if everyone around you wants to bury you beneath it?” and made it out to be a thing that only a minority ever feels, something a “privileged” person would never understand.

And I think that’s my problem with this poem. You know, besides the fact that it’s less of a beat poem and more of an angry Reddit rant that they didn’t even try to dress up as anything other than an angry Reddit rant. Thank god the mob mentality is a thing, otherwise this poor girl wouldn’t be getting any applause for this drivel. So, where to begin? Besides, of course, by pointing out this girl’s distractedly dark eyebrows. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. No more needlessly mean, ad hominem attacks that mean nothing and prove nothing. From now on, I will focus on the poem and nothing else (but seriously bleach your eyebrows, woman).

So this is a poem about GamerGate . . . apparently. It’s called #gamergate, but all she really talks about is the same old feminist talking points about how video games are sexist and so is everything else. She doesn’t even mention the actual tenants of GamerGate supporters to mock them as being untrue and just a cover for misogyny like most feminists do. She doesn’t mention them at all, so I don’t know why she’s using it as framework.

For those of you who don’t know what GamerGate is: a dude having a messy break up with his game journalist/developer girlfriend who cheated on him posted about it on the internet, people found out the games journalist/developer girlfriend was apparently sleeping around with figures in the gaming industry that had either previously helped promote her career or had the strong potential to do so. People were pissed because that is nepotism that the game journalism world didn’t acknolwedge. They also found out that there’s a Google group for supposedly independent game journalists to talk about what articles they’re going to write, which is why 10 articles about how “gamers are dead because they’re sexist and being left behind with the times” articles came out on the same day. So more nepotism and generally corruption has been uncovered, and the “GamerGaters” were concerned with dealing with that by talking about ethics in reporting and corrupted sites that no longer care about actual journalism. That is their thing: ethics is pop culture reporting. And while I’m not really a part of it and stopped following it a while ago because I just don’t think it’s very organized and needs to get its shit together, as a general movement, I approve.

Feminists used it to talk about misogyny in gaming and “See video games really are sexist!” because the actions of a female game dev. started it all. They totally ignore that people don’t give a fuck that she cheated and aren’t “slut shaming” her. They give a fuck that she cheated with people who helped her advance her career and/or whose careers she helped advance. So, GamerGate is pretty much deemed synonymous with being a misogynist in feminist circles, and any woman or minority who disagrees with them (the #NotYourShield campaign where pro-GamerGate minorities spoke up) are accused of being fakes and sock puppets. So that’s the context of this whole thing that is totally unnecessary because, once again, this girl addresses none of that despite that being the title. Taking inspiration from Coldplay and Fall Out Boy, I see.

“If you get to call it misogyny when bad things happen to women in video games, why don’t I get to call it misandry when things happen to men? BECAUSE . . .”

Note: Said in the more derisive way possible. And I would say that both of those things would be equally dumb just because feminists can come up with very few negative things that women gamers experience that is not also experienced by male gamers by virtue of them working/playing within the same flawed system. I believe the 25 Benefits of Gaming While Male video I discussed a while back came up with literally one that seems like a problem only dealt with by women in gaming. And, just as a side note, having unique problems based upon your gender does not mean that it’s automatically caused by sexism. That’s why men in gaming having problems that women don’t have isn’t misandry. But if you looked at the problems and benefits women have in that same light, it would be fair. And we can’t be fair when assessing our problems. We have to insist that one group’s problems are caused by systematic discrimination and therefore are somehow worse and more important and the other group’s is just . . . problems they have, nothing else to say about it.

“The principles of character design mean that no matter the video game, you can always pick out a prostitute based on what she’s wearing.”

Yep, I can see this is going to have nothing to do with GamerGate from the first fucking line. Anyway, can’t you pick out a prostitute just based off of what she’s wearing in real life? Yeah, there are the classy, expensive escorts that don’t “look like” prostitutes, but part of a prostitute’s job (especially if they work the street like they usually do in GTA–because I know that’s what you’re talking about) is to garner the attention of johns. You don’t want to be mistaken for a woman who is just walking around when it is your job to proposition/be propositioned.

Also, you can do this with any other NPC too, why is it just the prostitutes whose recognizability is a problem? You can always pick out a cop based on what they’re wearing too. Hell, lots of video games depend upon this a means of strategy: You can always pick out X based upon an easily distinguishable appearance. You know who to go to for what, who to avoid, who to talk to, who can get you points, based off of appearance. That’s like saying that Half Life is misandrist because you can always tell a security guard apart from a soldier based on what they’re wearing. It’s not sexist to have a prostitute that is distinguishable as a prostitute because she looks like a prostitute. If it were more difficult to tell who was a prostitute in GTA I have a feeling you would still think it was sexist because “all women are degraded as potential sex objects in a world where the sex workers look exactly like the civilians and the player is encouraged to see them that way.”

“Non-player characters have a limited range of actions, so the prostitute is always asking for it.”

Now, I’m all for the amazing, groundbreaking creation of a virtual reality populated by nothing but complex characters who have their own lives outside of your interactions with them as the player. That’s fucking cool. Skyrim had something like that, to a limited extent. But I don’t think this girl knows how video games work. I don’t think she knows how story telling works. This is like complaining that a side character in Spongebob not having any lines is bad. They are fictional beings. Everything they do and say must be coded in or written in. They don’t just spontaneously grow personalities and backstories. Those have to be made from scratch. And every unimportant, NPC randomly generated to appear in the area where you are is not going to have some complex fucking backstory and unlimited interactions.

All the characters that appear in a fictional universe are there to serve a purpose. Some are more complex than others, but they ultimately have a script to stick to. The main player has a script to stick to in most cases. You don’t see Niko from GTA deciding to give up the lifestyle and go to art school. There are limits. You’re pretty much complaining that video games aren’t just as complex as real life. “Why doesn’t this shop keeper have a conversation with me? All he wants to do is sell me something. What if I want to talk about something else?” Well, he’s a shopkeeper. He’s there to sell you things, not talk about the weather. “Why doesn’t this mechanic talk about something other than the same six things about cars? I want to have a conversation with this man. What about his family?” He’s a mechanic. He says stock phrases about cars. That is his purpose, and it takes time and effort that could be spent on more important aspects of the game to code in superfluous dialogue for an NPC character that you’re probably not going to listen to anyway. And since you’re still talking about GTA probably: That game simulates millions of characters. The developers do not have time to give the hookers you talk to once a full life story. Same goes for prostitutes, and what their purpose is as a prostitute. Oh no, the female NPCs are treated the same way as the male ones.

“Because, in the God of War franchise, you can literally fuck Aphrodite as part of gameplay.”

So? I see nothing wrong with that. I don’t see why it’s sexist in any way. If you’re going to fuck a Greek god, Aphrodite seems to be the most appropriate one to pick. If it were  Artemis, Athena, or Hestia this would be weird. If it were Persephone you’d still at least have a point. But it’s fucking Aphrodite. She is the goddess of love and sex. And, I don’t know how well versed you guys are in Greco-Roman mythology, but I have some knowledge of it. Enough knowledge to know that the Greek Pantheon is full of people who couldn’t keep it in their pants literally to save their lives. Zeus is the biggest man whore of all time, to the point where all anyone has to do to trick him into doing something is fuck him first. So just by virtue of this being a game about the Greek gods, I feel like a certain amount of sexual hedonism is to be expected. I would be weirded out if Aphrodite were present and having sex with her wasn’t an option, actually. It would be like having Bacchus as a character yet not having the option of having a drink with the guy.

Also, the word here is can. You can have sex with Aphrodite. You don’t have to. In the cut scene before the choice, your player character doesn’t even want to. But you have a Yes/No option there and it’s all up to the player to decide. If you think it’s sexist and demeaning, you have every ability to say no. I don’t see why choosing whether or not you want to have sex with a character in a game about Greek gods is even a big deal. Plus, Aphrodite propositions your character. What kind of egregious sex negativity is this girl indulging in when she says that it’s sexist for a sexually confident woman who likes sex and isn’t ashamed of liking sex to politely ask a man if he wants to have sex? It’s not like she begs him. It’s not like he’s mean to her about it. She just says, “Hey, people haven’t visited me in a while, and it’s well documented that I hate my husband. Want to have sex since you’re here?” Isn’t reducing a fucking goddess to being “nothing but an object” because she enjoys sex, well, sexist? A fictional woman can’t enjoy doing something that makes straight men happy without her being just an object for their pleasure and nothing more? But having a sexually confident woman in your game based off of a pre-existed sexually confident character who behaved in much the same way in the original source material is a male power fantasy, oh, I get it.

“Because when I put on the quote-unquote ’empowering’ metallic bikini of your favorite video game character and walk the convention floor, men touch me without asking.”

Boy oh boy, is there a lot to unpack here. So I’ll just go word by word. “Empowerment” is wholly subjective. You know it’s subjective because even feminism has split into different sects based upon what it thinks is empowering and what it thinks is demeaning. How do you feel about porn, Elisa? Is it strong women embracing their sexuality in this slut-shaming, sex-negative society or is it demeaning to women? How about high heels? Revealing clothing? All of these things are called “empowering” by some feminists and “sexist” by other feminists. Bikinis too. So if a girl feels empowered by wearing something (or not wearing something), she’s empowered, because empowerment is just a mentality.

You can not be objectively empowered by something because people are individuals who take strength and confidence from different things. I personally would not feel empowered wearing metallic bikini in public because I’m kind of insecure about my body but I know plenty of female cosplayers who do feel empowered by wearing those revealing clothes because it makes them feel confident and beautiful. And this isn’t just a female cosplayer thing, but they way. Acting like it is is part of the problem perpetuated by feminists. Go ask a group of guys if any of them would feel empowered in a He Man metal harness and leather thong or a tight fitting Power Rangers suit, or even in a Kratos from God of War get-up. Some of them would say yes and some would say hell no. Because, as it turns out, a good number of male characters in video games are unrealistically hot and wear things that show that off just like a good number of female characters in video games. Because video games are fantasies filled with attractive people doing cool things, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Your favorite game character.” There’s just no way that a woman would willing want to dress up in that, amiright? There’s not way that that just may be that woman’s favorite character. No, she’s dressed like that because she has no choice despite there being just as many “conservative” and recognizable cosplays for women as sexy ones. Believe it or not, it seems like the majority of games seem to be lacking in extremely sexual female characters. Go play Resident Evil or any zombie game, or Mario, or Mass Effect, and the women who are dressed skimpily (if there are any at all, which is not the case for all of them) have reasons for it and are not the only women to go around. From personal experience as a nerd, I know lots of girls (and guys) who treat cosplaying a lot like how they treat Halloween and intentionally choose more “provocative” cosplays to do because it’s fun and they don’t often get a chance to wear something that makes them feel attractive. It’s not women being forced by the patriarchy into doing it. They do it because they want to. For a movement all about women’s choices, feminism loves to deny that women can make their own decisions and like things and have opinions.

I already talked about sexual harassment at conventions before. A.) It’s not nearly as big a problem as feminists make it out to be. Yeah, it happens, but it’s not a perpetual, constant thing that is just inescapable. I know people who have never been touched when they didn’t want to at a con, and I know people who have. It kind of just depends. B.) There are explicit rules against it, and if you go to a manager about it, the person who touched you will be immediately kicked out and not allowed back. It’s not tolerated. C.) This is not a gendered issue at all. Ask any guy whose ever cosplayed as Cloud Strife or Loki or Jack Sparrow or Nathan Drake or Kratos or any character from Assassin’s Creed, or Deadpool (the list goes on an on– let’s just say any character who wears tight clothes/few clothes/”sexy” clothes/has tattoos/is deemed as hot by someone somewhere), and I’m sure plenty of them will have stories about touchy-feely photo-ops too. It’s not an issue of men disrespecting women, it’s an issue of people of both genders, for some reason, thinking that the rules of personal space are invalidated by someone putting on a costume and acting like asses. Go ask any guy who plays a Disney prince at Disney Land how many unwanted sexual comments and sexual gestures he gets every day.

“They ask me questions about my sex life and expect detailed answers. They treat me like so much public pixel and blame me for dressing in the only skin I get.”

It’s comments like this that make me think that people like this girl should just not do online multi-player. Do you know how many male gamers are told by douchebags on Halo Live to “prove that they’re not a virgin”? And I did give it to feminists on the last post I made about male privilege in gaming that women seem to deal with overt sexual advances and comments more than men do, but I’m still wondering why sexism is apparently the reason for it. Tailoring your douche-baggery to who you’re talking to at any given time doesn’t automatically mean there is some deep-seeded cultural problem. Trolling is wrong. I’m going to say that now. I don’t think you should do it. I don’t think it’s okay. And me saying that the sexual comments women get in video game chat rooms are troll comments is not me saying that those comments are acceptable. I’m not saying that.

I’m saying that they are not motivated by sexism but by a much more general type of dickishness that should be unacceptable in of itself, not just when it’s directed at and tailored to better affect a woman. Over-the-top trolling is not a gendered issue. Will you stop fighting the good fight when women get death threats instead of rape threats online? Something tells me you’d still call it sexism even though that would essentially put them on the same track as men. Men are actually harassed more online and in video games than women are, but for some reason, women getting different kinds of equally tasteless and mean insults is the real problem. Isn’t this perpetuating the sexism that feminists are trying to fight? You say all the time that “the patriarchy hurts men too” and that feminism is totally doing things to help with that, but feminism seems pretty intent on insisting that the bad things that happen to men in this area are comparatively not as big a deal even though they happen to men more than women, which, according to a feminist would be the patriarchy “painting men as expendable and women as helpless.” But that’s okay here, I guess.

“Because Hit Man: Absolution penalizes you for murdering a hooker but gives you points back if you use her corpse to distract the cops.”

This is a gameplay mechanic you can use with all NPCs not just hookers. You can do this for literally any NPC character. Treating a female NPC the same way you can treat a male NPC is not sexism. If you kill someone, chances are another NPC heard it, and it’s a strategy to use the corpse of the person you just killed to distract the new-coming NPC, and you get points back because Hitman tries to encourage you to play with strategy and not just brute force. And, just a note, while this is a thing you can do to all NPCs, it’s also a thing you can choose to never use for any NPC. You can choose to leave their body laying there without moving it. You can choose to go through the entirety of the game without killing anyone but your targets if you want to, and you are generously rewarded for doing so. So, since all that matters is the player’s capacity to do something, apparently, isn’t Hitman a tour-de-force of feminist ideals because it rewards you for not killing hookers?

“Because Republicans won’t sign bills into law if they contain the phrase ‘violence against women.'”

Are we just totally abandoning the very notion of talking about GamerGate at this point? I know what she was saying has only been tangentially related anyway, but at least she stuck with the general idea of nerd culture being the Devil. Now, she’s totally deviating from that to talk about politics and bills. This is a poorly written poem. Did this girl give this to anyone to edit and comment on before going up on stage to recite it? Someone who has never edited a poem in their life would be able to point out how out of nowhere this point is.

And while I do agree that the Republican party is behind the times when it comes to how it sees gender relations, I’m a liberal and I didn’t really like those proposed bills. They’re like hate crime laws where a crime will be treated with more gravity for no other reason than the demographics of the person who is the victim of it, and I don’t think it’s fair. If two people get beaten into a coma, one crime is not more severe than the other just because the attacker yelled “Nigger” at one of them while they were doing it. It’s not fair to go up to two victims of a brutal crime and essentially tell one of them that what happened to them wasn’t as bad and won’t be prosecuted as harshly just because their attacker’s arbitrary reason for hurting them wasn’t as stupid as the other victim’s attacker’s arbitrary reason for hurting them. A dumb reason for hurting someone is a dumb reason, and I personally do not care what your dumb reason is specifically, it’s the fact that you hurt an innocent person without good cause that matters. The violence against women bill would make pretty much any crime committed against a woman a potential hate crime to be unduly treated with more weight than other equivalent violent crimes committed against men, which is sexist, so I’m personally okay with it being voted out.

“Because there was a list in the boys bathroom of my high school entitled ‘Cute New Freshman Girls to Fuck,’ and I was so unversed in violence, I was hurt that my name wasn’t on it.”

Well, yeah, that list is vulgar, and if you’re a senior don’t be that guy who fucks freshman girls specifically because they’re freshman, you future ebophile, you. Anyway, in my high school there was an equivalent list in more than one of the girls bathrooms all about guys who were willing to go down on you, and there was also apparently a sex list in the boys bathroom for those guys who are gay/swung both ways, a situation that doesn’t involve women in any way. Humans are vulgar. Especially teenagers. And while bathroom graffiti is often gross and not something I would take a bullet to defend, I don’t see why everything apparently cycles right on back to misogyny.

“Because a new study asserts up to 40% of rape victims are male.”

Wow. Just. Okay. So this girl is a deplorable human being, just going by her own standards. Good to know. How the fuck is this misogyny? Is rape “our thing”? Is saying that maybe it’s not strictly a woman’s issue an affront against you? I don’t know what study she’s talking about. It could be right. It could be utter shit. But flip this around. This girl is clearly a feminist. Feminists care about rape a good deal, to the point where any time rape is brought up, you just have to believe. Feminism is the first movement to use the “1 in 6 college girls will be raped” statistic even though it is patently wrong just because it’s a big number. By feminist standards, this girl is a terrible person. I’d be totally fine with questioning the percentage found by that new study, but questioning rape statistics, especially really high ones that make the problem seem worse, is borderline blasphemy in that circle. So shouldn’t a feminist be repulsed by this new study? Shouldn’t they take it at face value and be disgusted by this rape culture we live in where almost half of the rape victims out there are men? Shouldn’t they care? But no. This study is a sign that misogyny is rampant and terrible because men are trying to co-opt “our issue,” I guess.

As an off note, seeing as how prison rape is a thing and the overwhelming majority of people in prison are men, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that 40% stat is actually accurate. Once again, I don’t know. But way to stand up for rape victims! By denying that they exist. Doing a bang up job at the whole “fighting rape culture” thing, aren’t you?

“Video games only imitate the kinds of tragedies that men want to fantasize about.

How does Peggle imitate male-gaze tragedy again? How about dating sims? How about dress up games? 8-bit scrollers? To save you the time of answering, I’ll just rework this a bit with the literary industry in mind. The publishing industry is 75% female, more women write books, and more women read books. So using the logic of why the video game industry is bad and applying to the also demographically disproportionate book industry: “Fiction books only imitate the kinds of tragedies that women want to fantasize about.” Well, can’t argue with that.

Because when I told him that I didn’t want another drink, I saw his eyes light up with a new achievement to unlock.

Yeah, party culture and peer pressure are bad. I listened to “Swimming Pools” by Kendrik Lamar too. But wait a minute, that song’s about a man being pressured into drinking more than he sees fit do to the overbearing “drinking more/convincing people to drink more is an accomplishment” party culture that exists today. Still just an issue for women though. Somehow. Also, is she tacitly making the connection that video games make people view real life accomplishments as video game badges? Because most people aren’t psychotic, so I don’t know where she’s going with that.

Because when I talk less than men, they think I’m talking more.

Is this a study? I’ve heard people say this multiple times now, but they never say where they got it from, they just say it. And even if that is the case–so? Thinking someone talks longer than they do doesn’t automatically mean they think that’s bad, they just think it’s been going on a while. They have poor time perception–sexism! And, I’m sorry, hon, if this is the kind of shit you talk about with them, I get that. This poem is not that long, but I feel like I’ve been listening to it for fucking hours and I’m a girl just like you. Being obnoxious tends to do that.

Because their voices crash into me like I am hoarding spinning coins and first aid kits, and they are cracking me open in the hopes of absorbing something valuable. It’s not looting. The game was built this way.

I kind of just don’t know what to say about this point. All I can think of is that one La La La song that’s super hyperbolic about how much the dude just doesn’t want to hear this person speak anymore and how every word is just venom being injected straight into his veins and he just wants them to shut up. That song is also much better written when it comes to being hyperbolic about how much you hate hearing someone talk: “I’m covering my ears like a kid! When your words mean nothing, I go la la la! I’m turning up the volume when you . . . speak . . .”

I just don’t know what she means. I can’t really think of anything that would warrant this kind of vitriol and hatred targeted at one group of people for vaguely explained reasons, to the point where their very presence is like physical assault to her. What, did a male gamer kill her family? Once again, the gaming metaphors fall flat just because . . . people don’t think like that. Gamers don’t. I don’t. I can pick some random sub-culture that’s never done anything to anyone, put some tangentially related words in a poem about how hard I have it, and act like it’s all that sub-cultures fault too: “They crowd around in groups ready to judge my slightest flaw, rattle me in my home to look at me better in the light, use me only for my fleeting pleasure, then spit me away like I am nothing. It’s not wasteful. Wine tasting was built that way.”

“Because this is the second night that death threats have driven game critic Anita Sarkeesian from her home, her house flayed open like a wound.”

Well, at least the girl finally remembered that she’s writing a poem again. Simile! This is a big budget production. A.) Anita Sarkeesian was getting threats before GamerGate was a thing, so while these threats may have been GamerGaters, there’s no proof of it, and all of the leading voicing in GamerGate have derided this tactic as a whole anyway. This would be like me blaming all of feminism for the fact that a feminist tried to assassinate Andy Warhol. I also don’t see how it’s misogyny, once again. I deplore the people who make threats to controversial figures, because it gives those figures more fuel for the fire they’re trying to build. It just gives Sarkeesian and this girl reason to say, “See, there is misogyny! Look at these threats!” So I don’t support this. I don’t see how it’s sexism’s fault though.

A GamerGate conference was bombarded with bomb threats and had to be moved multiple times because of it. Multiple men’s rights conferences have received bomb threats. MRA Karen Strauhgn receives death threats all the time, as does Christina Hoff Sommers, from people who call themselves feminists. Just a few years ago Jack Thompson–the “video games are murder simulators” guy–was also driven from his home because of rape and murder threats. But only when it happens to a feminist woman is this behavior a sign of sexism, apparently. Also, just going to throw this out there, none of the threats Anita has gotten were credible. She has chosen to leave her house and cancel her talks when she gets threats even when the police make it clear that there is no reason to find the threats to be real or dangerous and did not have to go through further action with them, unlike with the above people and events I mentioned, where the police had reason to believe there was a danger to their safety. In short, she’s the victim of some really harsh trolls, and she’s falling for it.

“Because you don’t understand when I say that you can’t have my body because there’s already somebody living in it.”

Wasn’t it a feminist who once complained that people tell her to “calm down” too much, and that’s a sign of sexism because no one ever tells a man that? Well, this is why. This is why people tell you to calm the fuck down, because you somehow manage to turn a poem talking about how video games are sexist into whatever the fuck that is up there. I will take you seriously as a commentator when you stop acting like you are a sex slave when, in reality, you are an American college-kid beat poet trying and failing to talk about how video games are sexist (the most important of topics, of course).

“Because men may be more likely to die in wars statistically, but you’ve never fucking been in one.”

Okay, this is either her complaining about women not being soldiers or her complaining about how men bring up the war draft as a men’s rights issue that is exclusively a men’s rights issue. Not sure. Either way, that’s dumb. If it’s the first one: you don’t have the constitution to be in a war, honey. Boot camp would give you PTSD. So if you’re trying to say that women are strong, you’re definitely not leading by example and you’re definitely not changing anyone’s mind if they thought otherwise.

And if it’s the second one, I find it rather insulting that you are making assumptions about people’s experiences. I know plenty of soldiers who like to play video games. And it’s even been shown that video games can help with PTSD in soldiers returning from war. So how the fuck does she know that they’ve never been in a war? And even if they haven’t–so? Are people not allowed to take issue with bad things if they haven’t personally experienced those bad things? Flip this around: “Because women are more likely to get raped, but I bet you’ve never even been raped!” It would take half a fucking second for a feminist to flip their shit. But even though there are more men dying in wars (one of the main factors being that military scholarships are one of the only substantial scholarships a man can get for college, unlike women, by the way) than there are women getting raped in this country, dismissing war deaths is acceptable yet even implying that you are doing the same to a maybe-rape victim is horrible. This is also downplaying the harsh realities that a man has to face–being expected to go to war, and being an expected victim of violence–and totally ignores and scoffs at people’s lived experiences in situations that are probably objectively worse than yours. But you’re totally helping men too and care about their issues. I forgot. I really, keep forgetting that for some reason.

“Because you keep saying women, like there’s no telling between us.”

I feel like I can just leave this alone and the stupidity will speak for itself. But just in case any of my readers are particularly dense: Feminists constantly say “men” like there is no telling the difference between them, and feminists constantly use “women” as a synonym for “feminists,” so that whenever you attack a feminist, you’re attacking women, and feminists are the ones saying that “all women are offended by [insert something here] and that it insults all women.” But nope, it’s the evil bad man who insists that women are a hivemind.

“A catalouge of stop motion stereotypes un-piloted patter of color and sound by the logic of character design. I confer that when bad things happen to women in video games, they’re really happening to me.”

Are . . . are you six years old? Because once you get any older than that, you tend to stop being so goddamn egocentric. And I don’t mean egotistical, either, but egocentric. Small children are unable to differentiate themselves from the things they have claimed as their own: So, a little girl named Abby will pretty much see all other little girls named Abby as an extension of herself until she learns better. But I don’t think this girl ever got past that stage in her life. I honestly don’t. Any time something bad happens to a fictional woman, something bad happens to her. This would be like me saying “Anytime something bad happens to a blogger in a movie, something bad has happened to me.” Except that would make more sense because at least being a blogger is something you do. It’s a trait you have that you can choose and identify as because it comes with a set of activities and values you agree with and want to indulge in. What the fuck does being a women give you that makes you relate to literally every other semblance of a woman in anything? Is this something people do? Because I feel really bad for all those guys wrapped up in the fetal position in the corner because it hurts them every time they see a mook get thoughtlessly mowed down. Oh, but wait, only women can make this connection. Got it.

“It’s my shirt shredded. My necked snapped. My body breaking to prop open a gate, to prop up your male. Because nothing makes a more gratifying prop. Because she’s playing the woman card. Because she’s playing the victim card. The rape threats card. The ‘posted her address online’ card. The ‘I’ll fucking kill your parents’ card. Because you still think this is all just a game.”

I’ll end on a rewording of this last part. Pretend that I say it in just as histrionic and irrationally angry a fashion as she has recited the majority of this poem:

“It’s my jaw shot off its hinges. It’s my skin being flailed. My body being impaled to prop open a gate, to prop up your female and be the shield between her and all harm. Because nothing makes a more gratifying prop. Because he’s playing the man card. Because he’s playing the protector card. The death threats card. The ‘sent the police to his house by telling them he had child porn’ card. The ‘I’ll fucking kill your children’ card. Because you still think this all just happens to you.”

See you guys later.


6 thoughts on “Responding to a Feminist “Poem” “About GamerGate” (Spoilers: It’s in No Way About GamerGate)

      • I was thinking that, but if you track the hashtag back to it’s original user, she actually seems serious, unlike, say, Cassidy Boon, who drops hints like nobody’s business. Plus there have been well-known sane people who have similar politics legitimately agreeing with her, like Atmosphere. That’s how I found that link, actually.

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