Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts: The Charlie Hebdo Shooting and a Satire Comic from Me

And I mean by creating more satirical comics, of course. Terrorists are not afraid of death or threats of violence. They are not swayed by calls to arms or talk of war. What they are afraid of is education, of humor that makes light of them and whatever they use to justify their actions. If they were afraid of war, they’d be much smarter about how they went about things. Is it all Muslims who condone this? Of course not. But I’m getting rather tired of the No True Scottsman argument being raised every time a religiously motivated act of violence is carried out just because people don’t want to say anything bad about Islam after Bush fucked up royally. And now, the people who died aren’t cold in their graves before people start calling them racist Islamphobics who crossed a line with their satire and kinda sorta invited the bullet to the face they got. But I am of the firm belief that nothing is sacred, and apparently that magazine is too, just looking back at their similarly scathing and unflattering treatment of other religions besides Islam.

I decided to avoid the tired claims of Islamophobia by taking a jab at Christians too. I haven’t cartooned in quite some time, but I feel like this is the best way to speak out against all that has happened. Enjoy (and I’m sorry for the small size, I couldn’t upload it any bigger–just click on it and it’ll take you to full view).

Self Esteem

He can stand up for himself, don’t you think?


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