A Quick Spot of Skepticism to Keep the Cold at Bay (aka #AlexfromTarget)

Hey, guys! This will not be a long post. I will hardly be a post. College is  thing, and it’s a hard thing. Come December, I’ll put up a nice, lengthy rant more in my usual style. Perhaps I’ll go more in depth later, but for now I’m just going to point something out that I feel needs to be pointed out.

There is a somewhat anonymous boy named Alex who works at an anonymous Target. And he’s internet famous now. Why? Because he’s hot. He’s hot and someone took a stalker picture of him being hot and working at Target, therefore the hashtag #Alexfromtarget was born. This hashtag craze has lead to many other people taking more stalker photos of hot young guys working minimum wage service jobs. Besides the general stupidity of hashtags and of the internet in general, I have this to say: Where the hell are all the feminists who should be enraged about this?

I’m seriously wondering this. Where are they? Feminists will come out of the woodwork to be enraged about the most minuscule things, but they’re nowhere to be seen in this case. Random guys are having their pictures taken without their knowledge and put on the internet to be ogled at by strangers–random guys with shitty jobs who just so happened to not be unattractive. Whether or not they’re okay with that kind of treatment is another matter–I’m sure some of them love the attention. That’s not the point.

This is the very essence of objectification. It is cut and dry, no doubt about it, objectification. There is no respect for these guys or their privacy or their comfort level with being ogled at like a pin-up model on an old 80s calendar. This hashtag specifically Targets menial workers who no one cares about at all, except for the fact that they’re hot and fun to look at.

Now, I don’t care that this is a thing that exist. I think it’s dumb, and that’s as far as my emotions go. But this is ripe for social outrage on the feminists’ parts, and it’s just not happening. And I don’t understand it. These people are being objectified, valued for their looks and literally nothing else and treated with nothing but novel wonder. Where are the feminists being pissed off about this? Because there should be a few.

If what feminists say is true and feminism cares about men too, they should care about this. And their panties should be in a knot right now. But that’s not what’s happening. Why? Is it because it’s women doing the overt and shameless objectifying, so it’s okay?

Consistency people. It’s all I ask for, and there is none here.


One thought on “A Quick Spot of Skepticism to Keep the Cold at Bay (aka #AlexfromTarget)

  1. J Belmont says:

    The original Alex from target confirmed he got doxxed and sent death threats too… showing that as always trolls on the internet treat everyone the same.

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